Worst ‘Family Feud’ Contestant Ever? Steve Harvey Isn’t Having It

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Takes a lot to out-do some of the contestants we’ve seen in Family Feud outtakes, but this one Steve Harvey is calling, “The greatest television that won’t be seen.”

The category is ‘Other Ways to Say Mother.’ Contestants are Cecilia and Sheila.

Cecilia answers “Nana” but, unfortunately, that’s not on the board.

Then it’s Sheila’s turn. She looks at Harvey and guesses “Nana!”

Harvey pokes fun at her, saying she is simply pronouncing “Nana” in a different way, but he gives her another shot.

Sheila answers with a different pronunciation of “Mommy,” which is — you guessed it — already on the board.

Harvey then looks at the woman and says, “OK, let me ask y’all something. Y’all crazy? Y’all think you can take all these words that are the same and just say them different because you want to?”

He then rattles off a list of different ways to pronounce “Nana” and “Mommy” before leading the audience in a sing-a-long and explaining to them, “I get paid to host a show. Too much sh*t here.”

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