Watch This Woman Tackle and Pin a 6-Foot Snake

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WARNING: Video contains unladylike language. Discretion advised.

LOS AMIGOS BIOLOGICAL STATION, Peru — A woman in Peru went serious rodeo cowgirl, catching and pinning a 6-foot snake, and it was all caught on camera.

Wildlife veterinarian Renata Leite Pitman is a researcher at the Los Amigos Biological Station in Peru, according to UPI, so she’s probably used to being around things that creep out the rest of us.

A group was out in open grass at the research facility — and thankfully someone was recording video — when a 6-foot yellow-tailed cribo started slithering through open grass and headed for a wooded area. They were obviously shocked when Pitman suddenly ran in for the tackle.

In the video, you can hear the group screaming as Pitman dives for the snake; some are horrified while others cheer.

“WHAT are you doing?!?”

“You are insane!!”

“Get him, girl! Get him! Holy s***!!”

Pitman wrestled the snake a bit, emerging victorious with the its head in her hand and his body pinned on the ground — except for the parts slithering up and around her (and in our nightmares, trying to choke her or squeeze her to death while sprouting huge fangs and breathing fire).

UPI reports the video was recorded May 30 at the research facility, which sits in the lowland Amazonian forest area at the base of Peru’s southern Andes.

So you know what that means — this ain’t the only snake out there. 🐍

We just want to believe this woman is from Texas. (She’s not.) If Pitman ever leaves the world of animal conservation, she’s got a great career ahead of her in the WWE. Or the airport or shopping on Black Friday.

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