Sonogram Shocker: Jesus, Is That You?!

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Evansville, Ind. – You know how some of those sonogram pictures show babies that look like peanuts or cotton candy or aliens? This was not one of those times — but the prenatal image did look familiar to the Indiana mom who was overjoyed with the divine surprise.

New mother Aley Meyer shared a picture with WFIE that appears to show an image of Jesus on the cross. Meyer said that she didn’t even notice what was in the picture until someone pointed it out at her baby shower.

Meyer posted the picture on Facebook and it quickly went viral. She says she’s getting a kick out of the popularity of her picture, but she also thinks it may be a message from above.

“I’ve been on a lot of medicine for my Crohn’s Disease and I’ve been very worried about it, so I feel like it’s a sign that everything’s going to be okay with him.”

Meyer’s baby boy is due in June.

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