Woman-Owned Businesses That Put the ‘W’ in DFW

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Photo Courtesy of Montanna Mitchem

By Tamara McCullough, NewsCastic

Whoever said this is a man’s world, business is a boys’ club and women aren’t cut out for the boardroom clearly haven’t been to DFW recently.

Meet these five talented and enterprising businesswomen. Not only are they helping to expand the DFW business world, they’re diversifying the game as women of color.

Let’s take a walk in their pumps as they prove that rules are made to be broken, the glass ceiling deserves to be shattered and women really do rule the world.

1. Madam of Media

WHO: Montanna Mitchem

OWNER OF: Tha Afterparty Radio, located at 1111 W. Ledbetter #450, Dallas.

This Madam of Media may run Tha Afterparty Radio, but Montanna Mitchem is always the life of the party on and off the air. For six years she’s grown Tha Afterparty Radio into a media powerhouse with radio broadcasting, live streaming and commercial creation. Though there’s plenty of Internet-based radio stations out there, Montanna knows why hers stands out: “You don’t have to have experience or a background in communications. We aren’t celebrities and we are using our God-given talents to bring quality programming.”

With a whole suite of shows broadcasting daily, community outreach events like the “Water Drive for Flint” and free HIV testing, Montanna uses her platform to do good and give back to the community. And, why did she go into business for herself?

“I saw a lack of support for the ‘little people’ and I wanted to give them a platform that mainstream media won’t give,” Montanna said.

2. Duchess of Distribution

Photo Courtesy of Pink Swann

WHO: Pink Swann

OWNER OF: Fine Cinderella

This distribution queen knows a thing or two about multi-tasking. Pink Swann wears many hats as owner and operator of Fine Cinderella Hair Enhancements, a wholesale beauty supply and virgin hair distributor. Not only has Pink owned it since March 2013, but she’s also a stylist and virgin hair retailer. In addition, she supports other stylists by helping them earn extra income from starting their own virgin hair line.

Fine Cinderella not only allows individuals to sell high-quality hair, but clothing and beauty supplies, as well, as a one-stop online shop straight out of DFW. Similar to Avon or Mary Kay, Pink is allowing other women to live out their entrepreneurial goals by creating their own businesses to gain a foothold in the business world.

3. Empress of Spa Parties

Photo Courtesy of Empress Hyer

The royal treatment has officially arrived in DFW thanks to Empress Hyder, owner of Little Miss Royalty, the newest mobile spa themed party experience in DFW. Only in business since April 2016, Empress wants girls ages 3-15 around the Metroplex to feel like princesses and know that it’s never too early to start getting pampered and to allow girls to do what they love to do best — have fun!

Little Miss Royalty offers 4 services: manicures, pedicures, cucumber facials and kiddie makeup application. In addition, Empress offers five services including “especially for mom” crafts, DIY crowns, spa masks, flip-flops and t-shirts, and she also offers tea parties.

“We stand out because there isn’t anyone like us offering what we offer in DFW, with the ability to be professional and give a world-class spa experience to kids in the comfort of their location of choice,” Empress said.

Spa Day On-The-Go

Photo Courtesy of Empress Hyer

“I started my own business because it allows me to be creative and innovative without any boundaries,” Empress said.

4. Countess of Calculation

Photo Courtesy of Keenya Kelley

WHO: Keenya Kelley

OWNER OF: Kelley Tax Advisors, located at 1910 Pacific Ave., Dallas.

Do you fear filing taxes? If you do, Keenya Kelley here in the heart of downtown Dallas to save the day with her top-notch services at Kelley Tax Advisors, LLC. This boutique tax advisory and professional services firm provides tailored bookkeeping and tax preparation, as well as life and health insurance solutions for entrepreneurs.

In business for 4 years, Keenya is the go-to for individuals and businesses looking to get their taxes and accounting done right the first time around. With a Master’s in Business Administration, as an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and working to become admitted to practice counsel before the United States Tax Court, Keenya’s background and skills are impeccable.

“I started my own business because I wanted to affect change among accountants, tax preparers and entrepreneurs. I cater to entrepreneurs and that is the majority of my clientele. Most are scared and fear not succeeding. But what most don’t understand is that ‘trying’ is success. If I can change how one person or company does business, especially in accounting, then I have done my due diligence,” says Keenya.


5. Queen of Green, Organic Beauty

WHO: Stephanie Lampkin

OWNER OF: Balmz and Bodi Company, located within Divine Hands Beauty and Barber, 423 West Bedford Euless Road, Hurst.

Stephanie Lampkin created Balmz and Bodi Company a little more than 2 years ago because she was looking to break away from the chemical-filled, unnatural products that dot the beauty world. This DFW-based business focuses on handcraft natural and organic bath, body and skincare products for customers looking for a more natural approach to beauty.

With a line of tasty-smelling body scrubs, creams and more, Stephanie strives to take a different approach to beauty.

“Not only do we create bath and body products, but we develop them with a holistic health approach to help with the skin’s natural function to help reveal your true glow,” Stephanie said.

Balmz and Bodi Products

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Lampkin

And, why should you purchase? “Because, You Deserve It,” according to Stephanie’s tagline.

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