Woman Gives CPR to Lizard

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SALEM, OR – If you want to find out how much you really care about your pet, do you measure the amount of love you give it – or the life you give it?

If it`s the latter, one woman passed the test.

When Sherrie Dolezal, from Oregon saw her bearded dragon lizard floating in the pool, she had a decision to make – and fast.

“I just grabbed him instantly, and turned him upside-down, and I started pounding him on his back and started crying,’ Dolezal said.

However, this isn`t the only save she`s made. Dolezal runs a reptile rescue in her home. And it looks like her skills were put to the test.

“My great-grandson said, ‘Grandma, I knew you and God worked together on this one. You saved my dragon,`’ Dolezal said.

By the looks of what this woman did to save her cold-blooded friend, it`s safe to say she has a warm heart.

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