Watch this brick-throwing criminal accidentally knock out his accomplice

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CHINA - Two would-be thieves each brought a brick; one throws it, but the other one blows it. Dang the luck!!
Surveillance cameras were watching as the burglar wannabes in China tried to break into a building, but their crime spree went terribly wrong -- that does NOT happen often enough, right?? -- and karma got the best of them this time.
Security video shows the pair walking by the building, dum dee dum dum dum, looking around like sightseers out for an evening stroll. They glance around, then casually walk closer to the building. One throws a brick, presumably to break glass for entering, but honestly, it was a lame throw that did nothing.
THEN the other criminal-in-waiting throws his/her brick just as his/her crime spree partner walks right into the line of fire -- and partner takes a flying brick right to the head.
Out. Cold.
The video does show the thrower rush to his/her accomplice and gingerly drag him/her out of camera range, so they're not completely cold-blooded.
While we hope there's no concussion or permanent damage, we hope there are several lessons learned here.

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