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Former infantryman Ryan Berk was at a local mall when he recorded this video of a confrontation between himself and what he believed to be a fake Army Ranger; Berk’s guess was the purported fake soldier was trying to score Black Friday discounts. According to, the ‘Soldier’ in fatigues is Sean Yetman, who is not an Army Ranger.

According to the site, 26-year-old Berk, who is from Easy Co 2/506 101st,  was shopping at Oxford Valley Mall when he spotted a guy wearing fatigues with a combination of military regalia that is not possible for a soldier to have — that’s when Berk hit record on his cell phone and began asking questions.

Berk: “Hey, sir? My son would really like to meet you; he really.. uh.. admires guys in the Army.”

‘Soldier’ leans down to shake hands.

‘Soldier’:  “Hey, buddy! I’m Sean!”

Berk:  “What unit were you in?”

‘Soldier’:  “I’m with the 2nd Battalion Rangers.”

Berk:  “75th?”

‘Soldier’:  “2nd. We’re a 75th Ranger Regiment, 2nd Battalion.”

Berk:  “What’s your MOS?”

‘Soldier’:  “My MOS is 11 Bravo.”

Berk: “All right.”

‘Soldier’: “I’m what’s called a Tac One. All I do is I go out on missions.”

Berk:  “Where’d you get your three CIBs at?”

‘Soldier’:  “Afghanistan.”

Berk:  “All three?”

‘Soldier’:  “All three.”

Suspicion must be mounting at this point.

Berk:  “You know you have to be in three different campaigns to get three CIBs, right?”

‘Soldier’ has to look down at his collar for a sec.

‘Soldier’:  “This one is from Afghanistan…”

Berk:  “Okay…”

‘Soldier’:  “That’s from Iraq…”

Berk:  “Okay…”

And then, ‘Soldier’ blows it.

‘Soldier’:  “And that one’s from my second rotation back to Afghanistan.”

So close, ‘Soldier!!’ So close.

Berk:  “You know no matter how many you do, you can only get one.”

↓↓That’s when ‘Soldier’ gives this face ↓↓

You can only get one







‘Soldier’:  “Well, that’s….”

Berk:  “…for Iraq, Afghanistan. All three…”

‘Soldier’:  “Well…”

Berk:  “You can only get one. You know that, right?”

‘Soldier’:  “Because my campaign took me outside of mission lines from Afghanistan.”

Berk:  “That doesn’t make any sense. And you’re in 2nd Bat? Rangers?”

‘Soldier’ proudly shows him the patch on his left sleeve.

‘Soldier’:  “Yep. There it is.”

Berk moves the camera over to the right sleeve of the fatigues. Uh oh. Can you guess what’s coming next?

Berk:  “Where’s your combat patch at?”

‘Soldier’:  “Oh, I gave it to a little kid….” (he points down the mall)

Berk:  “All right.”

Is that the end of it? Not a chance.

Berk: “Why’s your flag so low on your shoulder? It should be up here.” Berk is pointing to the shoulder of the uniform, which ‘Soldier’ seems to find interesting.

‘Soldier’:  “Got me on that one, bud.”

Hey, it’s Velcro! ‘Soldier’ pulls the flag patch from his sleeve and puts it up higher.

Berk:  “Why are.. uh… your boots are all…”

‘Soldier’:  “Because I literally just got home.”

Berk:  “From where?”

‘Soldier’:  “From….. Fort Lewis.”

I could have thought of an answer faster than ‘Soldier’ did on this one, for the record.

Berk:  “Fort Lewis? Is that where the Rangers are?”

I’m sure this is a trick question! Even I would know not to answer it — it’s a trap!

‘Soldier’:  “That’s where we’re stationed.”

Berk:  “How come…. where’s your shirt underneath? Your tan t-shirt?”

‘Soldier’ starts digging under his collar and tries to find a tan t-shirt he can pull up to where it shows.

Berk:  “What’s your rank?”

‘Soldier’:  “I’m a….”

He may as well say he’s a Ghostbuster at this point.

‘Soldier’:  “I’m a staff sergeant.”

Staff Sgt. ‘Soldier’ is still digging in his collar for a t-shirt.

Berk:  “Staff sergeant. Where’d you go to basic training?”

‘Soldier’:  “Fort Jackson.”

Berk:  “You know the infantry only goes to Fort Benning, right?”

‘Soldier’:  “Yeah. For Ranger training. I didn’t start off…”

Berk:  “NO, for basic training.”

‘Soldier’:  “No, I didn’t start off as a Ranger….”

‘Soldier’ is now suddenly distracted by his cell phone.

‘Soldier’:  “…. as infantry.”

Berk:  “You didn’t? What’d you start off as?”

‘Soldier’:  “I started off as a…. M1. I was a driver for Humvees.”

Berk:  “What’s the actual MOS for that, for a driver?”

Don’t answer that, ‘Soldier’ — just don’t answer! We all know you’re going to get it wrong.

↓↓Does he look like he knows the answer?↓↓








‘Soldier’ pulls out his cell phone again and looks at it. But apparently, it doesn’t have the answer, either.

‘Soldier’:  “My driver MOS?  Hold on one sec.”

‘Soldier’ apparently has to take a call.

“Soldier’:  “Staff Sergeant.”

Berk:  “Staff Sergeant. He’s calling his staff sergeant. Why’s he calling his staff sergeant ‘Staff Sergeant’ if he’s already a staff sergeant? That doesn’t make much sense.”

‘Soldier’ on phone:  “Hey, where are you? Okay.  Okay. You want me to meet you there?”

Berk:  “He’s calling his staff sergeant ‘Staff Sergeant’ when he’s wearing the rank of a staff sergeant. That makes no sense. Here it is, guys — stolen valor at its finest from this full of sh*t, wearing a United States Army uniform — claims to be United States Army Ranger.”

‘Soldier’ to Berk:  “Okay, listen. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna step down here with my sergeant major.”

Berk:  “All right. Let’s go. Let’s see your sergeant major. So you shop at the mall with Sergeant Major on Black Friday?”

‘Soldier’:  “Sometimes.”

Berk:  “Yeah? That’s cool.”

So they walk a few steps.

Berk:  “Why don’t you just admit you’re a phony? You know it’s illegal, right? What you’re doing right now?”

‘Soldier’:  “Let me tell you something. If I was a phony, then I wouldn’t be wearing this uniform.”


Berk:  “You wouldn’t?”

‘Soldier’:  “No.”

Berk:  “Because you are a phony. I just called you out about 10 different things…”

‘Soldier’ shakes his head.

Berk:  “… and all of them are bullsh*t.”

‘Soldier’ tries to point the direction he’s heading.

Berk:  “This is illegal. What you’re doing now is illegal, ’cause you know what? I’ve worn that f**king uniform and I’ve had friends get killed in Afghanistan wearing that f**king uniform…”

‘Soldier’:  “So have I.”

Berk:  “No you haven’t! You’re full of sh*t!”

‘Soldier’:  “I got 12 years in.”

Berk:  “Stolen valor! Right here! Stolen valor!!”

And then… the highest commander (at the mall) steps in. We hear a woman’s voice telling Berk to cool it.

Woman:  “OKAY. Let’s go. Stop it!”

Berk:  “At it’s finest! What’s your name, dude?”

No answer from ‘Soldier’ as he walks away.

Berk:  “Okay. Thanks, buddy. See ya later, pal. Go have fun with your sergeant major at lunch. F**king ***hole!”

According to Army Times, Army Human Resources Command could find no record of a Sean Yetman in the Army. The site also reports Yetman was convicted in 2003 for impersonating a public servant.

Uh oh.