Video Shows Jimmy John’s Workers Jumping Rope With Bread Dough

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This shocking video captured on Snapchat shows alleged Jimmy John’s employees playing with food. The video has some calling the action humorous, while others are disgusted and outraged. Health inspectors have reportedly said the dough was left over and thrown out immediately. Local reports claim those involved in the actions at the restaurant have been fired.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Ever wonder what goes on back in the kitchen of your favorite fast food restaurant?

We can tell you that at a Jimmy John’s in Jacksonville, Florida… it ain’t pretty!

Snapchat video apparently caught employees getting in a pretty good workout jumping — not rope — bread dough.

“That’s disgusting,” Latisha Ware, a customer at a nearby Starbucks, said after seeing the video.

“They’re having a little fun, but maybe it’s just not the right time, so maybe it would worry me a little bit,” Starbucks customer Brooke Crawford said.

“Or at least don’t put it on social media,” Ware advised. “Like, what are you thinking? I can only imagine what the health inspector is going to do to them at this point.”

“I would not like that, and I’m sure the health department didn’t like it either,” another passerby Matt Kile said.

Turns out, the owners didn’t like it, either!

They issued a statement saying they discovered that the dough from the video was thrown out— and so were the playful employees.

The manager said they were fired, so no more dough-jumping there!

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