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ZIMBABWE — A man in Zimbabwe is catching a lot of flack for jumping out of a pool to escape a crocodile attack — and leaving a woman in the water to fend for herself.

Home security video shows the crocodile slowly crawling up between lounge chairs and stalking the couple as they swim. As the reptile lunges into the water and goes after the couple, the man leaps from the pool to safety. And understandable reflex, but one that leaves the woman to fight for herself amid the splashing and snapping jaws of the crocodile.

The woman puts up a good fight — traditional girl fighting of slapping and swinging — and is able to keep the croc from pulling her into deeper water. After being bitten a few times, she finally escapes the pool with a little (delayed?) help from the man.

As she checks her injuries, the crocodile continues its swim.

The video is believed to be recorded in Zimbabwe, Kariba and was uploaded to YouTube last week; it’s been viewed hundreds of thousands of times so far.