This Woman Hid Poop in Her Purse on Crappy First Date

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“I have a story to tell. It is about my poop.”

And that’s how this crappy story begins.

Get ready to sh*t your pants laughing! A chick from Toronto tweeted a hilarious story about nature calling on her first date with a hot guy.


So what did @_Blotty do?

Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go…

poop story1

Oh crap!

poop story2

OMG! WHAT?!  EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

poop story3


Oprah Laughing

So like any “calm, self assured woman,” Blotty texted her sister for advice…

sister text

sister text2

LOL! Gotta love sisters.

poop story4

Moral of the story?

poop story5

Words to live by y’all, or you too could become… poop girl!

Sh*t, that was funny.

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