Think You’re the Side Piece? These Tweets Will Squash All Confusion

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Twitter is back at it again with yet another random hilarious hashtag. This time, we present to you — #YouMightBeTheSidePieceIf

Bahaha… Church’s Chicken kicks off the shade. Now, for all you clueless lovebirds, 10 other ways to know if you’re living in La La Land as the side piece.


1) If you’re really this stupid…


2) If you feel like THIS…


3) Your Valentine’s Day is February 15th


4) He’s always calling “Jake from State Farm” at 3 a.m.

tamar braxton


5) But your name isn’t even saved in his phone


6) It’s not official unless it’s on social media, boo


7) You’ve never been on a real date


8) Then bae has the nerve to ask you this…


9) You’ve never been disgusted by their morning breath

10) Still confused? Well, refer to Exhibit A

Ok, now that it’s confirmed you’re getting played, DO NOT try this at home.

waiting to exhale

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