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Forget ducking around a corner or doing an embarrassingly awkward move to pull that annoying wedgie out of your butt crack…


A new line of Levi’s are designed to get your panties in a wad. Now introducing, the Wedgie Fit Jeans.

levi wedgie jeans

The name says it all. Dubbed “the cheekiest jeans in your closet,” they’re designed to give you a permanent wedgie… to make your butt look bigger.

sir mix a lot

This sounds soooo wrong, but Levi says it’s soooo right because each pair “hugs your waist and hips to showcase your best assets.”

Even Kylie Jenner loves them.


Okay, we admit, she looks great in them. But a wedgie?! These designers must have been the victims of the dreaded wedgie attack as  kids.