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By Hillary Juster, NewsCastic

Instagram Dallas may appear unfathomably large, but really that’s just because you haven’t started following these 7 Instagrammers who’ve mastered the Dallas scene. We’re going to go ahead and assume you follow us @CW33DFW, so we will focus on these 7.

All of their posts get hundreds of likes, and they each have thousands of followers. You can live vicariously through them while they dine out at the newest restaurant or bar, often before it opens, and you can cop their swag when they do sweet giveaways and private screenings you can’t find anywhere else. (Hello, Beyoncé tickets, @msdallasmaven!)

Yes, all the accounts are run by women, but who runs the world? Girls! They basically create the scene in Dallas through Instagram. If you don’t have an account, you should get one, just to see where you desperately need to be eating, working out, partying, and shopping. So, as one of these ladies, @askfoodbitch, might say, “We’ll tell you who to follow, and you’ll like it!”


1) @msdallasmaven: Your new BFF, One Follow Away

Stephanie Campos aka @msdallasmaven may be one of the most energetic, passionate, and inspiring visionaries coming up in Dallas today, and she’s only a double tap away.

She wants to shape Dallas into an even more amazing place to live, and if you share that goal, she wants to share her resources with you.

From working with sustainable community farms at @GlobalShapersDallas to managing PR for the Dallas Supper Club, an ultra-hip underground dinner party, her ambitions and dreams fall at the intersection of non-profit work and mobilizing people through communication.


“A win for me is a win for Dallas.” -@msdallasmaven

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Made it. #TryDallas

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@msdallasmaven posts only the most delicious food in Dallas, photos from the most interesting events, inspirational words, and unbelievable giveaways. You should definitely not enter her current giveaway for two tickets to the sold out Beyoncé Formation World Tour because we want to win.

Her new website,, will host even more content and guest posts from other Dallas mavens. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!


2) @deepfriedfit: Fitness Never Tasted so Good

Who does @msdallasmaven follow? She recommends @deepfriedfit, obviously, a foodie and fitness aficionado, all in one! Mai Lyn, the @deepfriedfit Instagrammer, posts about her adventures in gluttony and all kinds of new fitness classes. She also hosts exclusive deals and giveaways for her followers. Yummy!


3) @ohheydallas: Less Fit, More Fat

Less about fitness and more about drooling at pictures of delicious food, @ohheydallas does hangover eggs at only the hippest brunch spots. Add to that, a pinch of Dallas humor, a sprinkle of special events, and a dash of, “Oops I drank too much,” and you’ll understand why @ohheydallas is real tasty.


4) @dallasites101: Transplants Who Know What’s Up

The two Dallas transplants of @dallasites101 have this scene on lock. Their Instagram shares all their style secrets, as well as exclusive special events, giveaways, foodie finds, and fitness adventures. They see Dallas with an outsider’s eye, and that perspective can lead to super interesting posts about what you need as a Dallasite, new or native.


5) @dallas_foodie: All Food and Only Food

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My eyes bugged out, rolled back, and slowly closed when I took a bite of this Pecan Lodge #beef #rib. Every bite is its own #foodgasm, a record scratch in time that puts you into a transcendental state of bliss where all else becomes silent. These were the most amazing bites of #food I've eaten in a year… except for the other times I've ordered this rib. Pecan Lodge is very consistent— no easy feat for #BBQ. This beef rib is smokey, salty, richly fatty, and has a texture contrast trifecta of crunchy crust, soft fats, and tender fibers of meat. Burnt Ends were a special this day and also extremely delicious, but the beef rib is always in its own class of phenom beyond words or photos. Let's just say these are the best bites of food in the northern half of #Texas!

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@dallas_foodie only ever does one thing, and that is post food reviews. Several different contributors regularly post to this account, but the standout is the original @dallas_foodie. This Instagram covers all kinds of food, not just pretty lattes and burgers. You’ll see Chinese noodles and fancy meat pies, as well. They serve you all the #foodporn you can eat.


6) @fashionveggie: Vegan Shop n Stylin’ Dallas

Molly, aka @fashionveggie, posts all fashion, (almost) all the time. She used to have incredible, long silver hair, but now she’s a more natural blonde. You know, we think she’s pretty incredible, regardless of hair color. She runs a shop where you can buy her looks, and she’s also a regular on


7) @askfoodbitch: The Sassiest Voice on Instagram Dallas

A regular contributor to various online publications around Dallas, @askfoodbitch has perfected her tone with just the right amount of sass. Her posts feature food from all of the media preview dinners around town, so she can always tell you the newest and the best before it even gets to print! She’ll tell you what to eat, and you’ll like it!