The Fort Worth Hidden Gems Guide of Your Dreams

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By Silke Jasso, NewsCastic

Fort Worth is usually known for its love of Texas and great food. What most don’t know is that it is packed with History that reminds us of why we are proud to live in Texas. From Museums, secret tours, gardens, and tasty food, here are the best-hidden gems around Fort Worth according to locals! Take a look and decide which one to go to today and enjoy the wonders of Texas!


Log Cabin Village

If you are an avid explorer and interested in Texas history, then this is the place for you. The Log Cabin Village is a living history museum with seven cabins in total, exploring the life in the mid-19th century. It a great place for kids to understand life without technology, and a good place to explore the outdoors. Each log cabin is dedicated to a specific period and tell the story of Texas and how it became what it is today! Go ahead and plan a day discovering how your own state became what it is today!


Pizza Snob

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Mozzarella? Goat cheese? Bacon? Pizza Snob will now become your favorite place. For a reasonable price, you can create your own pizza and add all the toppings you want. Most people don’t know about this place due to the fact it’s a University student to go spot, but if you’re like me, you always try to look for new pizza places to sink your teeth in. This is the perfect place to try crazy toppings and savory flavors.


Scatt Jazz Lounge

This place is for all my fellow Jazz lovers out there. The Scatt Jazz Lounge is known for their local and national talent, located in a hidden space. At times, the lounge is known for giving a New York vibe, full of live music and funky moves. It’s not your usual kind of bar due to the ambiance, but it is definitely a must see if you are in Fort Worth. It is also known for its vast amount of cocktails and beers, so don’t forget to have a fruity drink for us!


Segway Fort Worth

Hello, Technology! The Segway Tour is the perfect tour for you to enjoy the landscape, culture, and history districts while being outside. From exploring the Trinity River, the Botanic Garden, the Segway’s are a way to keep the spirit going and the fun ringing. The tours run form ages 14-67 so there is fun for everyone where one can get fresh air while learning about the city.


Fort Worth Water Gardens

Want a good idea for a date night? This is your spot. Hidden away in the south end of downtown, the Water Garden is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet evening. The beautiful fountains are all one concrete park where you can enjoy the Texas fresh air. Unfortunately, you can’t jump in for security reasons, but it’s still a beautiful view and is usually known for its small crowds.


Clearfork Food Park

Not known to many, Clearfork Park is actually recognized for its variety of food collections. With more than 15 trucks, every flavor can be found around the park. Hang around, grab a bite to eat, and drink with friends. Sometimes the food trucks actually drive around and make sure they get each customer. Check out their websites to see if your favorite truck is going to be there! The best part about it is that it’s actually close to the zoo, so you can eat here then head on over for a day with the animals.


Coyote Drive in Theater

I bet you didn’t know that outdoor theaters still exist. Well, Coyote Drive-In is up and running. Bring on some lawn chairs, sit outside in the open, and grab a bite from the many options surrounding the area. The screens are huge, making it perfect to see from every angle. Let’s not forget about the downtown view of Fort Worth! Check their website for times and dates, usually, they have new movies every other hour.


Eddleman McFarland House

Built in 1899, Eddleman McFarland House is one of the most unknown Victorian style homes in Fort Worth. Located on Quality Hill, over the Trinity River and owned by the Historic Fort Worth Inc, it is mostly known for hosting weddings through the year since it is known for the historical beautiful architectural structure. Usually, tours are done during the day, so make sure you call beforehand and set up a private guide. The reason the house if so popular is due to the fact it is an exact replica of the houses that were in Fort Worth before time. It will leave you in awe!


Rockin’ the River Concert

Do you like concerts? What about outdoor concerts? This is the one for you! The Rockin’ River concert is a festival that most people outside of Fort Wroth don’t know about. Different bands go play every year to the Trinity River where there is beer, water, and live music for everyone to enjoy. They also have fireworks at night to show off how TEXAS this festival can get and close with a bang. Check out their website for the lineup…maybe one of your favorite artists will get to play this year!


Picchi Pacchi

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In the mood for some Italian? This is your to go spot. Located in Downtown Fort Worth, Picchi Pacchi is known for their pizzas, hot subs, late night slices (3 am close), and pasta! Everything you need for a good night out is located here. There is a menu for everyone, and they have pretty reasonable portions. Give it a try the next time you go out, we promise you won’t regret it!


The Usual Bar

Don’t be fooled by the name! The Usual Bar is anything but usual. Known for its crafted cocktails, this is the perfect spot to wine down. They are the typical bar with crazy names for crazy drinks and end up absolute delicious. Try the “Don’t ask, don’t tell”, it’s a crowd favorite. They are also pet-friendly, so don’t forget to bring your dogs for the adventure as well!


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