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Photo: Dick David

By Kate Morgan, NewsCastic

Movies are magic. They take us from the world of the mundane and transport us to the fantastic worlds we create. They transport us back in time. They tell us new stories about places we’ve never been before.

But as any movie goer knows, atmosphere is everything. These seven theaters definitely have it.

Landmark Theaters /The Inwood (5458 W Lovers Ln., Dallas)

Photo: Tim Cummings

The Inwood has a very interesting vibe. There’s a well-stocked, but partitioned bar, a beautiful staircase, and the kind of atmosphere that lets you talk to the newfound friends you’ve made in line as you wait for the doors to open for your movie.

There are three screens with DLP digital production and sound which make it a fine place to be.

But the best part of the Inwood is that there are Lovesacs and sofas that have successfully replaced the standard theater seating. You can cuddle here, so it is really a perfect date spot.

The Modern Art Museum (3200 Darnell St., Fort Worth)

Photo: Thomas Hawk

This place is sleek and shows a lot of films you’ll never see anywhere else. The Magnolia at the Modern series offers a lot of great options and the venue is a great place to scope Oscar-nominated short films every February.

The other cool part about this place is if you’re wanting to have a brunch beforehand, the cafe just to the left of it has some amazing sharing options and excellent espresso.

If it’s a Sunday, you can just pop out into the museum to see great art collections when your film is over at no additional cost.

The Texas Theatre ( 231 W Jefferson Blvd., Dallas)

The Texas Theatre has a unique niche on the Dallas scene. It’s so much more than just a place to go see movies–it’s home to a community that’s dedicated to them. Depending on the night you come, you might find a panel full of geeky guests, a D.J. spinning or even a memorial service for a beloved rockstar.

This 1930’s Venetian-styled throwback has a really comfortable lounge and was the place that Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested just after the Kennedy assassination.

This place is fun. Fun is a serious priority. You want go to here.

The Omni (Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History, 1600 Gendy St., Ft. Worth)

Sometimes, the future was perfected in the past. Though it has been updated, stepping into the full-on experience that is an Omni Imax theatre can remind the viewer of a much simpler time. One where Rubix cubes were still “unsolvable” and Max Headroom was pure genius.

This theater does its best to have a good mix of family-friendly educational features and feature-length current films. It has been showing them since its first DMR upgrade in 2005.

There’s something about immersion and retro futuristic technologies that make for the inevitable love of an IMAX dome. This one doesn’t disappoint.

The Alamo Drafthouse (100 South Central Expressway, Richardson)

Photo: Dick David


This concept was so good, it couldn’t stay locked up in Austin.

Now it is proliferating everywhere. That’s not such a bad thing. The sound system is good. The drinks are good. The food is amazing.

The special screenings are fun and include everything from retro flicks with a cereal bar to quirky quote-alongs. But in the regular features, there’s no texting or talking, as many of us already know. You will be asked to leave. It’s a policy that is very, very easy to like. It’s the kind of policy that takes a movie theater chain viral.

LOOK Cinema (5409 Belt Line Rd., Dallas)

Luxury is a good option for the discerning moviegoer and LOOK Cinema brings it to the table. This place really accommodates the viewer.

Diners can choose from two restaurant menus, to include the IVY Kitchen or Coal Vines Pizza and Wine Bar.

For the winning trifecta of tasty food, an amazing screen and reclining seats, this theater takes the prize. It’s the best collision of the worlds that are comfortable and innovative.

The Galaxy Drive-In (5301 I-45, Ennis)

Okay. So this one is a stretch, if we’re talking DFW. I mean, it’s out in Ennis, which is south of Dallas, but the ambiance more than makes up for it.

It’s great because it allows a car full of viewers to pull up to an authentic vintage speaker and choose a double feature to view from up to seven screens on any given night.

The line for concessions can get long, but it’s worth it if you’re interested in a good hamburger or Texas sized drink to accompany your film.