‘Texsa’: UT Typo Leads to OU Comedy

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Go Longhorns! Boy, do we love Texsa sports.

Wait. That’s not right.

Yeah, the University of Texas needs to spring for a computer with spell check. That’s because at the bottom of their Longhorns 2014 media guide, the school printed www.texsasports.com.

Way to go, guys. Where’d y’all get your diplomas, UT??

Well, a few OU fans decided to have some fun at the Longhorns’ expense — they created a texsasports.com website.  The first text you see when you visit the website?  “OU IS BETTER THAN TEXAS.  LEARN TO SPELL PLEASE, HRONS.”

And there’s a Twitter account, too — now full of memes poking fun all things burnt orange.

Okay, repeat after us, everyone: Here’s how you spell the name of your home state: T-E-X-A-S.

Ya big d-u-m-m-i-e-s.



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