‘Supernatural’ Pays Homage to ‘Insidious,’ Puts Sam and Dean Into ‘The Further’

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Wednesday’s (March 23) episode of Supernatural put Sam and Dean in a position they’ve never quite been in before. The boys found themselves hunting a Soul Eater in the episode, “Safe House,” which follows in the footsteps of dearly departed fan favorites, Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) and Rufus Turner (Steven Williams).

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Their investigation brings the team to a house which is being haunted by this odd entity. With Bobby succumbing to the presence in the past and Dean (Jensen Ackles) falling unconscious in the present, the two hunters are transported to the Soul Eater’s nest. The mission, of course, is to rescue the residents who have fallen gravely ill. Doing so finds our heroes in this odd grey area — it’s the house, but on a totally different plane.

insidious 2 further Supernatural takes an Insidious note from James Wan, puts Sam and Dean into The Further

Watching this episode, it’s hard not to draw the connections to the Insidious franchise. The horror trilogy explores the notion of a dimension — for lack of better words — that exists between our reality and the after-life.

The James Wan film names it, “The Further,” and by the looks at what Kat (Emily Delahunty) calls “the sad people,” it’s pretty evident Robbie Thompson (the writer on this episode) drew heavily from the indie genre flick.

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery and for a series like Supernatural, presenting homages to all areas of the genre spectrum is what makes the CW series so great. Bringing Bobby and Rufus back wasn’t too bad, either. There’s something wonderful about hearing the word “idgit.” It just brings a smile to the face.

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“Supernatural” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CW33.

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