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By RealDealDallas, NewsCastic

You may have noticed that over the weekend people were rappelling down Reunion Tower. Maybe you even caught a snippet of our now lost in the web livestream. We’ve got you now with the full story of Shatterproof, and the answer to why in the world anyone would rappel 50 stories off of a building.

Started From the Bottom


I joined forces with fitness blogger and Dallas Fitness Ambassadors organizer @DeepFriedFit to take on the Shatterproof Rappel Challenge. We’re thrill seekers with hearts of gold. When we heard that the national substance abuse organization was gonna kick off their tour of fundraising rappels at Reunion Tower this year, we were in!


A Grassroots Organization With a National Agenda

The CEO and Founder, Gary Mendell, lost his son Brian in 2011 to addiction. This tragedy motivated him to change careers, quit his job running hotels, and start the first national organization to take a research and fundraising approach to addiction. He wants to share his passion with others and ultimately save countless lives.

OK, But Why Rappelling?


Mendell chose to use rappelling as a fundraising tool for several reasons. He likes that it’s a bit of an analogy for recovery. Just like recovery, the first step is definitely the hardest. Also, it definitely draws a crowd, and Mendell wants people to participate.

Don’t Look!


They say not to look down before rappelling. I looked. A lot. If we’re going with the recovery metaphor, and ending the stigma around addiction, this would make sense! Look at substance abuse. You have to face it because it grows wild in ignorance and fear.


The Way Down

Going over the edge of the GeO-Deck was truly one of the scariest moments of my life. Making it down 50 stories (561 ft) was no picnic either! Let’s just say harnesses aren’t super comfortable. Neither is sobriety. In fact, relapse can be a very dangerous and often lethal time. Shatterproof has successfully lobbied 9 states to get great, lifesaving reforms passed.


Dallas Is Shatterproof For Another Year!



In Dallas alone, Shatterproof raised almost a quarter of a million dollars to end the stigma, lobby congress and do more research. If you wanna stay up to date with them or rappel Reunion Tower next year, sign up for their monthly newsletter!

If you love this idea and want to support their work, donate to Shatterproof here.

Would you rappel Reunion for a good cause?