Off The Menu: 7 Secret Dishes You Never Knew You Could Order At DFW Restaurants

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By Hillary Juster, NewsCastic

Every school girl can tell you the simple truth about secrets. “Secrets, secrets are no fun unless I am a part of one.” Well, we’re about to let you in on the best-kept secret in Dallas dining, the secret menus! Some of our favorite spots keep a few under-the-table options on hand, but they’re only for the informed. Are you ready to eat up all the juicy details?


A Whole ‘Nother Menu: Torchy’s Tacos


While everybody may claim to love Austin-transplant, Torchy’s Tacos, not everyone loves it enough know about their secret menu. Ask at the counter, and they will happily show you a separate, hidden 7-item menu. The Hipster has fried tuna and chopped bacon and comes smothered with avocado sauce and cotija cheese.

Pro tip: a spicier secret goes by the name Ace of Spades.


The Sweet Pizza of Dessert: Cane Rosso


Cane Rosso has quickly become synonymous in Dallas with incredible pizza. What their super-fans may not know is they have an arsenal of dessert pizzas not listed on the menu! The Ghettobird got its name from another dessert pizza, the Ladybird, which has vanilla mascarpone, cookie butter, Nutella, crushed cookies and powdered sugar. Add marshmallows to that, and you have yourself a Ghettobird.


Secret Stackin Burger: Jonathon’s


What do you get when you add a half-pound of beef, ham, bacon, a fried egg, Swiss cheese, and sliced tomato on a toasted bun? A Nooner at Jonathon’s Oak Cliff. They probably don’t put it on the menu because it might not be advisable for your health to eat one. If you do, though, I think Ron Swanson would come out of the TV and tell you it’s a damn good sandwich.


A Spicy Twist on a Classic Dish: R D Kitchen


Everyone loves a good tuna roll; it’s a staple of a sushi meal. At R D Kitchen they put a spicy spin on this tame classic with their Thai Tuna Roll. Take a tuna roll, add avocado, jalapeno, and toasted coconut with a couple dollops of special sauce, and you’ve got yourself an off-menu delight.


A Ques’o the Best Secret Ever: Mattito’s

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In Texas and DFW in particular, queso has become something like a religion. We worship at the altar of this golden cheesy appetizer and defy anyone to produce a better version. Well, try the off-menu option at Mattito’s, the Bob Armstrong, and you may well become a believer. This queso has ground beef, sour cream, and guac added to this mix.



Thursday, I’m in Love: Lockhart Smokehouse


Here in DFW, we love barbecue. We love it so much that we’ll stand around and wait in line for hours just to eat it like it’s a ride at Six Flags. At Lockhart Smokehouse, only on Thursdays, they have burnt ends. Burnt ends traditionally come from the unserved ends of a brisket, smoked twice and drenched in fat. If you like flavor, burnt ends are packed with it, but only on Thursdays!


Secret Sushi With Truffle Oil: Oishii

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At Oishii, they specialize in their secret menu. In fact, the best recommendation would be to just ask the chef to order for you. If you’re feeling like you wanna order to impress, though, go with the TriBeCa roll. It’s off the menu, and it comes with truffle oil. That’s as fancy as it gets.

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