National Pizza AND Bagel Day: Let’s Just Call It Carb Day

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February 9th in National Bagel Day.
February 9th in National Bagel Day.

No matter how you slice (or bite) it, February 9 is destined to be delicious, because it’s both National Pizza Day and National Bagel Day. And it’s Fat Tuesday, the day before many people pig out before giving up their favorite things for Lent.

So let’s just call it Carb Day and will start with pizza and bagels.

Body language expert Patti Wood says you can tell a lot about someone’s personality through his or her preferred way to eat pizza. Wood categorized pizza-eating styles into behavior profiles based on “DISC,” a program commonly used by corporate human resource departments to evaluate employees: Drivers, Influencers, Supporters, and Careful Correctors.

February 9th is National Pizza Day.
February 9th is National Pizza Day.

People who do “the fold” are Drivers: no-nonsense types who like to take care of business.

Those who go crust-first are Influencers: innovative, novelty-seekers.

Supporters like to be methodical, which explains why they use utensils: Don’t leave anything to chance.

Careful Correctors have tried other ways before settling on the easiest: Just pick up a slice and bite!


Think pizza lovers are particular? Bagel fans tend to have a circular argument — “open face” vs. “sandwich-style.” Makers of Thomas Bagels say 21% of bagel eaters treat theirs like a sandwich, while 79% don’t.

A third type, as discussed in Should I Scoop Out My Bagel? by Ilyse Schapiro and Hallie Rich, is a schmear on the side of being controversial. Scooping out the extra bread in the center saves carbs and calories before piling on the toppings, which replace the calories you saved.

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