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PLANO – Love. That is what LatterHouse Decor’s Shalonda Waggoner is spreading for women in situations similar to the one she once found herself in.

 “I’m a survivor turned advocate. I came out of domestic violence with nothing, and I knew that I had to do something to heal,” Shalonda said.

That healing process started with decor items donated from her church. She rebuilt her life, and eventually LatterHouse Decor was born to help others.

So, what we do is, we provide no-cost interior decorating services to women and families who have been hurt by domestic violence, after shelter life,” she said.

LatterHouse Decor’s lead interior decorator, Maria Burke, says at first, their job is heartbreaking.

“This particular client had two little boys. They were absolutely adorable, but they were all sleeping on the floor,” Maria said.

Maria and Sholanda, to the rescue! Armed with donated items, the women are truly re-designing lives. “For a lot of these women, because of their situation, the choice has been taken away from them. Getting to choose the things that go into their home or getting to make choices for themselves, period,” Maria said.

LatterHouse clients get to pick their favorite colors, type of artwork, and everything in between. Then, Maria and Shalonda go to work. “So, when they come in after an install, they are just overwhelmed. They begin crying. They can’t believe something like this has been offered to them at no cost,” Shalonda said.

As is evident by the coziness of their latest home, LatterHouse Decor is focused on creating a true home for these survivors.

“It looks lived in. It looks as if love is here. It looks as if warmth and care is here,” Shalonda said.

 To get involved, you can donate home decor items! Check out their Facebook page to see current needs, or visit their website.