Michelle Ortiz: Meet ‘MADtv’s’ Melania Trump

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MADtv is back and the timing couldn’t be any better. With Saturday Night Live on break for the summer and a presidential election heating up, someone has to do sketch comedy about how utterly ridiculous things are getting.

That’s where MADtv can step in, complete with sketches about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s campaigns. When it comes to the Republican side of the race, Piotr Michael will be playing Trump.

After his wife Melania gained fame for seemingly regurgitating speech points made by First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama though, it’s not just Donald that’s going to feel the comedic heat. That’s where Michelle Ortiz comes in.

Ortiz, along with co-stars Lyric Lewis and Adam Ray, stopped by Zap2it to talk about the new show on Facebook Live, but also give a preview into what it takes for a good Melania impersonation.

“As Melania Trump, I’m more of the lap dog,” she explains before shifting into a high-pitched voice. “She doesn’t move her face. She’s from Slovenia but she went to Milan to pursue a modeling career. Now it’s whatever The Donald says.”

As the election heads toward November and Mrs. Trump continues to make public appearances, Ortiz is going to have her work cut out for her.

MADtv airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on CW33.

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