How to Get Google’s 2 GB of Free Drive Space Today

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In addition to National Pizza Day, National Bagel Day, National Pancake Day, Fat Tuesday, and probably several others, it’s also Safer Internet Day. It’s the forgotten Feb. 9 holiday because no one’s giving you any free food samples.

This is a pretty good second to food, though. Google is celebrating the annual tradition of promoting the safe and secure use of your smart phone and other technology by offering you 2 GB of Google Drive space.

All you have to do is go through a very quick Google account security check up.

What this means is you won’t have to stop, drop, and clean off a bunch of clutter quite as often. Every little gigabyte helps.

4 Easy Steps:

Google shows you each one and gives you the option to make changes.

  • What you’ve got set up to help recover your Google account – Phone, email, security question
  • Your recent security events – Make sure everything looks good, opportunity to add a recovery phone
  • Connected devices – Shows you all the devices (and where they are) connected to your Google account
  • Account permissions – Lets you see who/what has access to your Google contents

And that’s it!

google check up

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