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By Alexis Stice, NewsCastic

Do you think hot springs are only in Colorado? Think again! Plan your next trip a little closer to home and filled with hot springs. Texas has everything! Allow us to show you what we have to offer when it comes to these natural beauties.

1. Chinati Hot Springs

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This stunning oasis is located in Marfa, TX which is 570 miles away from Dallas.

This is the place to go for a family getaway or road trip! It was once a nonprofit but is now a part of a resort with rates starting at $105 for a room and $25 for a camping spot. They offer no day use and have reservations for the springs. Although no information is posted on the length of trails the resort spans 40 acres of beauty that is worth the trip. This is the perfect place for a nice little getaway.


2. Rio Grande Village Hot Springs

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These beautiful hot springs are located in Big Ben National Park, TX. It has a stunning 3-mile trail that displays the most amazing desert plant life you will ever see. This hot spring is adjacent to a campground that requires a reservation! For a vacation that feels states away, this is the place to go. To get here it takes about 8 hours but it is well worth it.


3. Capote Springs


This group of hot springs equals everything you need for a trip like no other. Located in West Presidio county and 8 hours from Dallas this is definitely a must see for all Texans.

Fun fact: it is actually named Capote because it has a large build up of travertine at the falls which makes it fall into the shape of a cape. It is also home to spider flowers, the unisexual whiptail lizard and so much more. See what all they have to offer and take a walk on the hot side.


4. Red Bull Springs

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While the name makes you think of the energy drink you will wish you had one after checking out the trail! Also located in Hudspeth County this is a trip that will spawn legendary stories.

It is in West Texas and very close to the border. This is the perfect road trip spot since it has a campground that everyone can enjoy. Make this one of your top destinations this summer for an unforgettable time!


5. Las Cienegas


This hot spot is located in Presidio and is a guaranteed way to bring everyone closer together while marveling the beauty of nature. It boasts a stunning ground and is close enough to the Chinati hot springs that you can piggyback on resort.

This is the place to go when you are on a hunt for spectacular hot springs all in one convenient location. It’s temperatures average around 83 degrees Fahrenheit which is great for those that like their hot springs not too hot.