Food Court Worker Fights Back, Chases Angry Customer

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Another mall food court, another wild viral video caught on camera.

Facebook user Rafeal Gullatee posted the video with the caption, “Don’t eat at Tower City 😂😂” after witnessing a throw down between an unhappy customer and a Magic Wok employee at Cleveland’s Tower City Center.

The customer, apparently not feeling the Magic of his Wok meal, asks for a refund, words are exchanged with a female at the register, things get heated, words get louder and sharper, and after little bantering back and forth, suddenly cups are flying and she’s swinging a sauce pan. An entire Magic posse jumps the counter — yes, the female employee is still swinging her sauce pan — and they chase down the customer.

CAUTION: This video contains language that may be offensive.

No word on whether any charges will be filed.

Advice: Take a look at this woman. She’s got a strong arm. If you’re in Cleveland, do what she says.

Credit: Facebook User Rafeal Gullatte
Credit: Facebook User Rafeal Gullatte

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