Eww! Swarming Termites Show Up On New Orleans Radar

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NEW ORLEANS - Apparently, New Orleans has a termite season, and it's here; the the time of year when NOLA sees swarms of the creepy and destructive insects.  Just turn on a light, depending on the night, and wait for them to arrive.

Actually, don't do that.

But if you really want to see a big swarm, just check out this tweet from the National Weather Service New Orleans.  According to the tweet, meteorologists are accustomed to seeing birds appear on radar.  But in this case, it appears to be bugs - as in swarming termites.

The radar loop is from the evening of May 29.

Swarming season for termites generally runs through May and June.

They never tell us this stuff about New Orleans, right? It's all Cafe du Monde beignets and Pat O'Brien hurricanes and how to get free beads at Mardi Gras. But these bugs!

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