DFW Nights: 10 No-So-Conventional Bachelor Party Ideas

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By Azure Arther, NewsCastic

Congratulations! You’re getting married.

The date is set, the invitations have gone out, and wedding gifts are arriving. But before you take the plunge, and say, “I do,” your friends want to take you out for one last night as a bachelor.

You can do the usual: get drunk, dance the night away, hire a dancer, go to a strip club, pass out in the wee hours of the morning, and wake up with a hangover. Hey, it’s your party, and you’ll drink if you want to, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

However, you do have options. While you may be in the small percentage who actually want to remember the night, at least with these stag night ideas will leave you with a night to remember.


1. Do Something Crazy

This may be your last chance to do something crazy, depending on who you’re marrying, so why not get the thrill of a lifetime? Whether you’re actually jumping, as you will be with places like the Dallas Skydive Center, Skydiving Over Dallas, and several others, or if you are lifting up in a controlled, much safer environment as it is with iFly Dallas, the possibilities are up to you. Go for the gold, and have an awesome memory to go with it.

2. Sleep Under the Stars

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Some men just want some time away from the city, from the hustle and bustle, and from everyday life. If you’re one of those men, why not head for Dinosaur Valley State Park or Cedar Hill State Park? Pitch some tents, light a fire, crack open a few beers, and enjoy the stars with your closest friends.

3. Catch a game

Not every man is lucky enough to have a partner who wants to hit the stadium with them. If this is you, or even if it isn’t, why not catch some floor seats with your crew at a basketball game? Throw in the money for the fifty-yard line? Maybe even catch a box seat. Regardless, one bachelor party kick-off maybe a visit to the AT&T Stadium, or the American Airlines Center.


4. Hunt Your Wedding Party

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Nothing says rite of passage like acts of aggression. Whether it’s a binge fest of fighting games and Madden, espionage on the field at Cousins Paintball, or an actual hunting trip, male bonding usually comes with a roar of testosterone. Pick your poison, order your snacks, designate someone to bring the beer, and get ready for some good old bromance.

5. Rebel For a Day


Skateboard, dune buggies, dirt bikes, and the like all scream off road! And who better to go off-roading than you? Trophy Club Park At Lake GrapevineNorthwest OHV ParkRed River Motorcycle Trails, Inc., and a few others are ready to provide all the risk, all of the safety, and all of the thrills for one lucky bachelor, i.e., you.

Get dirty, pump some adrenaline, and try not to break any bones.

6. Temporary Royalty


Why not be king for a night? Get a crown, get a cape, and a scepter. Add in a limo, perhaps a red carpet your friends can roll out every time you get out of the car, and hit the town. Stop in for a manicure and pedicure (trust me, your partner will love the non-scaly toes), go get your definition of an extravagant outfit, and slide into one of the pricier, more delicious, you-probably-went-someplace-like-this-when-you-proposed steakhouses (Al Biernat’s, anyone?) Why should you end your night with a cut of prime beef, you ask? Because nothing says royalty like filet mignon.

7. Experience Vegas


A round-trip flight from Dallas to Las Vegas can sometimes be found as cheaply as $50 bucks for a flight. Visiting this iconic city for a weekend or a couple nights is usually on a bachelor party list, and why not? It is a place to experience for a quick moment and happily arrive back in grand old DFW Airport or Lovefield. That said, be typical, be adventurous, be brave (basically, be a Dallasite) and maybe you’ll break the bank and bring home the big win.

8. Catch Some Waves

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DFW has water everywhere, and most of this water comes with boat rentals, pontoons, jet skis, and more. You can fish, barbecue, float, or just enjoy a few brews with your pals on the water. A perfect day can easily be the smell of grilled meat, accompanied by the sound of bottles popping, and your favorite band blasting through your Bluetooth speakers. If places like Lake Ray Hubbard and Lake Lewisville are too tame for you, you can always make a quick road trip down to the coast to catch your waves.

9. See Your Idol

DFW is full of stages, clubs, and venues to catch a show. More than likely, no matter if you agree on almost everything, there are some groups, certain comedians, a specific singer, etc., that you and your future mate do not see eye-to-eye on. That’s okay. You guys are nearly perfect together but on your night, why not go see something or someone she would never agree on. The majority of your future venues will be spent together thus making compromise paramount but this night, dance, laugh, and cheer on your closet favorite.

10. Whiskey and Cigars

Become a 1930s gangster. Slip into some sleek fits with your clique, and make your way to one of Dallas’ premier cigar lounges (or if you’re up for an expensive but tasty night, a whiskey tasting). It’s easy to make a night of it by going to Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House, where food, drinks, and cigars are for the asking, and if you’re up for something spicier, Javier’s cigar room has a delicious Mexican menu.

If food isn’t the focus and cigars aren’t really your thing, a grand selection of whiskey and food with no smoke as a side, can be found at The Second Floor or the Windmill Lounge. Regardless of your choice, there’s nothing like whiskey and/or cigars to toast to a new chapter.

Are you getting married and planning your bachelor party? Already tied the knot? We’d love to hear about your bachelor party plans and stories. Just comment below!


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