DFW Home: Top 10 Picks for High-Quality Furniture on a Budget

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By Azure Arther, NewsCastic

Furnishing an apartment or a new home can be a bill that most people flinch away from. This is why your divorced brother is still using the curb couch he picked up two years later, or why your newlywed friends invite you to sit on their college furniture.

They graduated five years ago.

The fact is, furnishing your home can sometimes cost upwards of thousands of dollars. So the question becomes: What can you do about this shopping downer?
Welcome to DFW, where the high-end and the low-end hobnob and rub shoulders. Our neighborhoods confuse outsiders, our stores sometimes surprise insiders, and we have surprisingly inexpensive places to purchase the high-quality furniture of your dreams. Here’s a look at 10 places to stretch your design dollar.

1. Retro-Grade


Sometimes inexpensive does not mean cheap, so to start off the list, let’s look at inexpensively gorgeous. For the hip and the funky, the groovy and the fun, Art Is Art is definitely the place to find the unique. Some of this artistic consignment shop’s furniture is art, some if it was vintage and is now vintage art, and some of it is just plain old, resale perfection. Regardless of what you’re looking for, the prices are extremely low, and every piece is an entertaining item guaranteed to strike up a conversation in your home.

2. Get That Old Thing Back

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Why get rid of old furniture when you can just have it reinvented by Leslie Pritchard’s aptly named furniture store, Again & Again? This gem of a business not only reupholsters, refinishes, lacquers, and repaints furniture they themselves pick up, but they will do the same for your furniture, as well. The prices are reasonable, especially considering you are receiving one of a kind furniture, and Again & Again offers two locations for shopping ease.

3. Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

Whether selling your own gently-used high-quality furniture or looking for a good deal, Area 25 is on the pricier end of consignment, but definitely, a bargain when price comparison is completed. Owner Cheryl Lawrence, a home-staging expert, sets her shop up in a way that allows the shopper to view her recommendations with what she considers the appropriate counterpart and allows each patron to see the items for their own beauty. Compounded with the vast inventory and competitive pricing, Area 25 is easy to find, easy to shop in, and easy to love.

4. Furniture is Art

Nestled in a prime location off of Oak Lawn, Dulce has seen its fair share of businesses come and go on their strip, but they have persevered. A passerby would question this at first, but a slight glance at their window display would shut down any query. Dulce, self-labelled as “an upscale interior consignment showplace and art gallery,” is a work of art. Each piece of artwork, furniture or accessory accepted into this fine shop has been carefully investigated, and selected not only for its appearance but for how it fits into the gallery. Even if you don’t pick up an item, which is unlikely, Dulce is worth a stop through, or a visit on one of their art show nights.

5. A Beautiful Day

Handmade. Check. Locally made. Double check. The ability to brag that a piece of furniture in your home was crafted by an individual and not a machine is a rare feat many people never have the opportunity to say. Fortunately, for Dallas, the {neighborhood} design bar and 56-foot wall offer the opportunity to own handmade special pieces at an affordable rate (though affordable for individual crafted items can still be considered pricey by some). However, a stop by this small, eclectic shop is a promised shopping adventure and gives the thoughtful Dallasite the opportunity to support a local business.

6. Thy Kingdom For a Chair

If used or reinvented isn’t your type, how about handmade or worldly? Wisteria in the Inwood Village is “furniture and decor curated from around the world to help you express your personal and unique style at home.” What the store supposedly offers is actually true. The business Instagram page is full of shopping in other countries, possible lineups, and gorgeous in-store displays. Don’t feel like taking a shopping trip? That’s fine. Wisteria offers a fully interactive online shopping experience for the tech-savvy consumer.

7. A Little Rustic at Heart

With an award-winning showroom, television spots, and other accolades, you would expect The Arrangement to be an extremely high-priced store. Fortunately, National ARTS Award winner Katherine Snedeker, owner and head designer of The Arrangement, doesn’t seem to mind cutting her customers a deal. The decor is rustic with a warm, classy yet cozy feel that makes it easy to see why the Arrangement continues to be one of the most awarded furniture showrooms in Dallas. Katherine’s carefully carefree designs and personable staff are just a few of the reasons to visit this large store, but the reasonably priced excellence should draw in the savvy shopper.

8. Experience the Unexpected

With big names like Armani, Julia Roberts, Helen Hunt, and more, it’s hard to believe that Erdos at Home, Chief Creative Director, John Erdos’ store, would be affordable, but they are. No, the items found at Erdos are not the cheapest piece of furniture you will ever buy, but the pieces will definitely be items of unparalleled beauty and innovation. A price comparison of similar items shows that Erdos is competitive, and not overly-priced. Considering that you will be buying furniture from a place overseen by a master designer who assists celebrities, everything in Erdos at Home can be considered a steal.

9. We Not I


With a name like Mitchell Gold Bob Williams, one would expect this prestigious title to belong to an overpriced, overstyled, not-worth-your-money establishment. Instead, MGBW is surprisingly reasonable in price, and has an impressive mission statement that sounds like the location will be plastered with psychedelic colors and hippies with peace signs. MGBW is neither of these and falls somewhere in between with their style. The selection is tasteful and classy while somehow managing to be chic and personable. To add to their appeal, MGBW is one of the only furniture stores in Dallas that can boast that their products are American-made and eco-friendly. Sounds like this store is perfect for the conscientious, patriotic shopper.

10. History Guaranteed


Open since 1948, Weir’s Furniture has been dedicated to quality service in Dallas for over sixty years. Dedicated to their family values and religious standpoint, Weir’s provides evidence of their publicized morality by maintaining the same fair price for quality products that they started with. Over the years, this family-owned business has continued to grow and now has for stores in the DFW area, which serves as proof of their stylish furniture at a reasonable cost to their customers.

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