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Joseph Augustini Credit: Denton County Jail

DENTON – Denton County captured a doozy of a mug shot Monday, with this one of 25-year-old Joseph Augustini. But what looks like someone getting into mischief has a much more dangerous story behind it.

After cops arrived at the Denton Square Monday morning to find him running in and out of traffic, Augustini was arrested on charges of non-alcoholic intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to the arrest affidavit, officers described Augustini as rambling and unable to hold a conversation as well as combative to the point officers were concerned not only for Augustini’s safety, but their own as well.

“Joseph told all the officers on scene to take off their guns because it was not a ‘fair fight.’ Joseph was interpreting the situation as a possible fight and told officers to disarm so I placed him into double-lock handcuffs for my safety and his.”

The report also says that as officers worked to put handcuffs on Augustini, a glass pipe fell from his right hand; residue inside the pipe tested positive for amphetamines found in methamphetamine, leading police to believe he was intoxicated by a substance other than alcohol.

Officers do not know what caused Augustini’s blackened face. Denton County Jail records show this is not Augustini’s first mug shot, although perhaps his dirtiest.

Joseph Augustini Credit: Denton County Jail