Dallas Elite: The Undefeated Dallas Football Team in a League of Their Own

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By Hillary Juster, NewsCastic

Everyone in DFW has a love-hate relationship with the Cowboys and their spotty record. What if we told you Dallas has another football team? This team has gone 8 games this season without losing a single one and has less 60 points scored against them in all their games combined, including the playoffs.

They don’t play in the NFL because they can’t. They’re called the Dallas Elite, and they play in a league of their own: The Women’s Football Alliance.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

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The women on this team, your Dallas Elite, aren't just any old athletes. They get culled from a rigorous tryout process that tests their strength, stamina, and character. It must be working because this is their second year with a sterling record.

You can see they take football very seriously.

Playing in the Big Leagues

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Watch our intrepid CW33 camera man, David Garcia, plant like a pro while staring down a hurtling athlete. It looks and feels like the big time at the Dallas Elite games. In fact, they're going to the conference championship, the league semi-finals, on July 9th. We're rooting for them to go all the way to the finals again this year!

Friday Night Lights

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Last year, after an undefeated season, the Dallas Elite faced off against the D.C. Divas in the League Finals. In a crushing loss, they took their first L of the season, a bitter end to a glorious streak. And, these women play full NCAA college football rules, so some of the crushing was quite literal.

Road to Redemption


This season, the Dallas Elite played the D.C. Divas again, and took them out, 40-19! They hope to take that road to redemption all the way to the championship game and come back home with a perfect season.

Best Fans Ever

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With the support of their dedicated fans, the Dallas Elite can't help but be inspired to play their best every game. If you want to support your Dallas Elite, you can see them play July 9th at 7:00 pm, or mention their name when you eat at the Chili's at Casa Linda Plaza. 10% of your check will go to their travel expenses!

Express yourself! Would you try out for a full contact football team?

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