Coldplay writes, performs original country song dedicated to Houston

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MIAMI – Coldplay wrote and dedicated a song to Houston after Hurricane Harvey forced the band to cancel a concert scheduled the same night Hurricane Harvey hit southeast Texas.

Coldplay paused in the middle of a show in Miami Monday night for lead singer Chris Martin to tell the crowd about the storm stopping their show at Houston’s NRG Stadium Friday, and how the band wanted to send love and support to H-Town.

“So we were supposed to play in Houston on Friday and we were there in the morning and we were hoping it would be okay because a hurricane was coming,” Martin said in the video posted to Coldplay’s YouTube page.

Coldplay tweeted last Thursday night that they were in Houston, watching the weather, and were hoping they would be able to play. On Friday, though, they posted a message to ticket fans, apologizing for the canceled show. “We really wanted to play tonight, but sitting here all together watching the news about the storm we feel we can’t ask anyone to put their safety at risk. So, sadly, we will have to postpone.” The band ended the statement saying, “Stay safe and see you soon.”

Coldplay, along with the rest of the world, would soon see devastation come in the form of a Category 4 hurricane named Harvey hitting southeast Texas. Missing a concert is the least Houston had to worry about Friday night, or for a long time to come.

“I hope it’s okay with you that we send some of the beautiful atmosphere here tonight over to Texas and over to Houston,” Martin said as the crowd roared with support, “because they need it.”

“Sometimes you might think that as a popular band or whatever, we don’t give a s**t about where we are, but we really do; because we understand that we wouldn’t be here without you guys and girls,” he said.


In addition to the promise of returning for the rescheduled concert, the band penned an original song for Houston. “We’ll sing it to you tonight and we’ll send it over there in all the spirits of joy and friendship and hopefulness,” Martin told Miami fans.

“So this is called Houston #1,” Martin said. “”This is because we all grew up… we all grew up loving country music and that’s kind of what we think of when we go to Texas, so if you’ll bear with us, this is a new song and we’ll never play this again,” Martin told the crowd. “We’re gonna sing it in Miami for everybody here and we’re gonna send over there to everyone that missed the show.”

And… the crowd loved it. Definitely a country song. Or maybe country western is more accurate?

The lyrics told Houstonians, “I am dreaming of when Houston has no problems/In that city where they send you into space” and “We’re sending love to Houston/We’re praying you make it through the rain” along with an encouraging chorus:

I’m dreaming of when I get back to Texas
Corpus Christi, Harris County, Galveston
There’s a harmony that comes down there in Houston
Oh Houston, you gotta keep on keeping on


The song ended with a smiling Martin yelling, “Alright! Sending love there!” to thousands of cheering fans.
Will Coldplay really “never play this again?” Doubtful. No way they wouldn’t play Houston #1 when they finally get back to Texas, right?

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