Video: Ghost 👻 Man Smears Poo 💩 on Woman’s Door For 7 Months

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DALI, YUNAN PROVINCE, China — Police in China have finally arrested a spooky serial poo and pee smearing suspect. The man, dressed as a ghost, has allegedly been harassing a woman for seven months by repeatedly smearing feces and urine on her front door.

Police in southwest China’s Yunnan Province of Dali say a 42-year-old man has been arrested in the bizarre attacks. The man, wearing a white sheet, a mask, bright red shoes, and a long dark wig, was caught on security video as he walked the hallways of an apartment complex before stopping at the victim’s door, reaching into a bag for a  handful of ‘something’ and smearing it all over the door.

That ‘something’ in the bag turned out to be human waste.

CCTV reports the harassment started in January of this year, when the victim, known as Ms. Yang, received a letter accusing her of “interfering” with someone’s family.

Yang says she replied with a note of her own, offering to explain the situation in question. Soon after, the ghost man of Poo Town started showing up at her door and leaving his smelly calling card.

The man is reportedly being held for 20 days as the investigation continues.

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