Watch: Bear Going Through Trash Gets Scolded by Deputy

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PLACER COUNTY, Nev. — A sheriff’s office in North Lake Tahoe had a nosy visitor this week — a friendly and inquisitive bear.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office posted the video to its Facebook page with the caption, “It’s funny how the little guy seems to be listening to the deputy and he didn’t knock over the trash can!”

Video shows the bear entering through a door bearing (ha, get it?) a sign that reads, “These doors to remain closed and locking during the night time hours.” That’s funny in and of itself.

The deputy behind the camera has great instinct. While many of us would skedaddle while having flashbacks from movies like The Revenant and even Anchorman, this deputy keeps his cool and lets the bear know that law enforcement has rules and that all citizens, furry or otherwise, are to follow said rules.

One of those rules deals with trash containers remaining upright at all times.

The bear looks around for a second, then saunters over to a trash can and begins to investigate. A deputy immediately tells the bear, “Do NOT knock over that garbage can.”

This gets the bear’s attention. After contemplating the deputy’s words, the bear continues on its mission of exploring the trash can, leaning the container over toward itself more and more.

“Nope! Don’t do it!” the deputy scolds.

The bear pauses, perks up its ears and looks at the deputy. The can is getting closer and closer to being parallel to the floor at this point.

“Don’t. You. No,” the deputy says with a tone of steel.

This deputy MUST have kids, right??

The bear continues. Clearly this creature has issues with authority and likes to push the limits.

“Better not,” the deputy says firmly. He means it.

At this point, the bewildered bear is looking around, holding tight to the garbage can, and weighing its options. Is it worth it?

(Like, what will happen if the bear really does knock it all the way over? Time out? Mug shot? We just don’t know. But we want to know.)

“You better not,” the deputy repeats. We feel confident in believing the deputy did not blink one time during this entire encounter.

He definitely has experience with toddlers in grocery stores. He just has to. You don’t get this resolve from police training alone.

And the bear, apparently, has  had enough parenting to know that ‘No’ means you should at least think twice.

While the video ends with the garbage can still in the bear’s hands — and it is, after all, a real life bear with claws and teeth and extreme power — we’re not giving up on the idea of the deputy winning this one.


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