Amazon hiring 200 to work from home

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Looking for a new job with one of the world's most powerful employers - but you don't want to leave home? Well, Amazon is hiring!

The Seattle-based retailer is looking to fill more than 200 virtual jobs -- that's what they call work-from-home jobs. These virtual workers will get the standard employee benefit package that Amazon's full-time employees get, which includes a small discount on Amazon products.

Areas of available positions include market managing for devices, employee relations, regional logistics leader and cloud computing software designers.

But how do you know if working from home is the right fit for you?

"First and foremost is why that would work for your lifestyle. So if you're looking for something remote that gives you more freedom and flexibility or allows you to be with your family more often, those are important considerations from a lifestyle and core value perspective. But the other thing to be acutely aware of is your innate personality, your behavioral drives, your motivating needs, and whether working at home would actually align with what motivates you to get work done. If you`re really great at working independently or you`re really great on the phone naturally, that might be a great environment for you. If you need collaboration and to be around people more often than not, you`re probably going to struggle in that environment," career coach Tracy Timm says.

When we think of work-at-home jobs, most people are their own bosses, with their own businesses.

In this case, though, you're working for a mega company like Amazon. How do you get feedback and promotion if there's no supervisor working with you? Timm says it's a challenge for people working remotely, so you need to keep track of your own activities and successes. Then, when it comes time for review, you can show your boss what you've done.

Timm also says to be picky about work-from-home jobs. If it's freelance or commission, it might not be worth it.

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