9 Academy Award-Winning Movies Filmed In & Around Dallas

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By Kate Morgan, NewsCastic


Lights. Camera. Action.

We really like our movies. When one is filmed on-location in Dallas, odds are people will take notice. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s the love and amazing film culture that shines through.

One thing’s for sure. There are more award-winning movies filmed in Dallas than most people would assume. Here are the ones that have won the Academy’s attention.

And the award goes to:


Boys. Boys Who Stereotypically Don’t Cry.

This queer-friendly biopic about the real life of Brandon Teena was shot over several locations in the Metroplex and won Hilary Swank a Best Actress in a Leading Role award sixteen years ago.


Down to ride ’til the very end, it’s me and my boyfriend.

Bonnie and Clyde is more than just a dope Jay-Z song. It’s also a movie that won Estelle Parsons a Best Actress in a Supporting Role award and took a Best Cinematography award in 1968.

This movie is so Dallas that six truant students were allegedly deputized for use in the film.


A Soldier Born on the Fourth of July.

This 1989 film has heart. It has drama. It also as some excruciating scenes tat detail the life of real-life veteran Ron Kovic that was filmed at several Dallas locations used as stand-ins for other cities. It’s a shame Milo Butterfingers isn’t around anymore.

It won Oliver Stone a Best Director Award, and the film took an additional award for Best Film Editing.


All the explosions and lasers in Logan’s Run.

With all the entering (and exiting) a Sandman does in this film, one might be tempted to say, “There… is… no… sanctuary.”

Special Achievement Awards are not usually given out at the Oscars unless there is a unique contribution to the film in question by a person or team of people. Logan’s Run won this award in 1977 for its outstanding visual effects.


The one about every sad alcoholic country singer ever.


Scenes for this movie were filmed in several rural locations in Waxahachie and according to IMDB, Arlington. Not exactly Dallas, but for all intents and purposes, we are going to call it “shares a highway with, so we guess it’s close enough.”

Despite a cold reception critically and commercially, this film won two Oscars, Robert Duvall’s only award for Best Actor, and another to Horton Foote for “Best Original Screenplay.”


Another movie actually filmed about 30 miles South via I35.

This 1984 mortgage melodrama managed to pose a lot of good questions about intersectionality in a 1930’s rural setting, tough how it did so was not unproblematic. It did much better commercially and critically than Tender Mercies. Robert Duvall handed Sally Field her second Oscar for Best Actress as is a tradition the year after he won his in a very touching moment.


The one about the man who said he was a doughnut.

We all know it by heart by now. Abraham Zapruder. The grassy knoll. Everything that is the legend known as JFK. This film shot at several historical locations including Dealy Plaza won awards for Best Cinematography and Best Film Editing in 1992.


The one about the only being tough enough to police futuristic Detroit.

This movie basically borrowed our iconic city hall to represent the future in all its strange dystopian glory. Robocop took a Special Achievement Award for its sound effects in 1988. We really need them to just put another statue here, though. I bet there’d be fewer roadblocks.


The one were a woman wants to take a train to nowhere. She really misses it.

A woman yearns for the town of her youth but finds it missing after the dust bowl and industrialization after WW2 drew everyone away from it. It seems a bit symbolic.

Horton Foote almost took home another Oscar for adapting this screenplay from another medium with this one, but Geraldine Page, a woman often called the greatest American actress of all time, actually took one home for Best Actress.


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