8 Wild Dallas Dishes That Absolutely Every Foodie Must Try

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By Hillary Juster, NewsCastic

If you’ve ever taken a gander at what is called “foodporn,” you’ll notice an awful lot of creamy, chunky sauces and runny egg yolks in foods where you wouldn’t normally find them. It stands as a rite of passage for every Dallas foodie to enjoy certain dishes that overwhelm at first glance, then delight upon tasting. After you try these, you can consider yourself initiated, a true foodie ready to take on the wonderful, wide world of flavor. Here are your 8 Dallas must-eats.


8) Opah Kimchi Fries!

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The Gangnam Kimchi Fries at BB Bop Seoul Kitchen are calling your name, saying, “Hey! Sexy lady!”

Okay, but seriously. These curry seasoned fries have more add-ons than a congressional budget. Take the perfectly crispy fries and throw on Korean barbecue, kimchi, and an over-easy egg, top off with fresh cilantro, spicy sauce, and pickled jalepeรฑo. Gangnam style!


7) If You Can’t Stand the Heat…

The Fried “Hot” Catfish at Filament in Deep Ellum is very spicy. In fact, if you don’t like spicy, just stay far away from this one. The battered, fried catfish may be drenched in a dill sauce and covered in sliced pickles served over thick Texas toast, but this dish will not please the easy to burn. If you love spicy, though, get in line. You may have a wait.


6) The Ooey Gooey Yummy in my Tummy Fluffer Nutter

We’ve already extolled the virtues of the doughnuts at Glazed Donut Works. Perhaps we didn’t drill it in enough that late nights and Sundays they serve hot, grilled donut sandwiches. The ooey gooey Fluffer Nutter is a chocolate yeast-risen doughnut with Nutella glaze and melted marshmallow fluff in the middle. Stop it, y’all!


5) Good to the Very Last Gnaw

The Meddlesome Moth rotates their dishes based on what’s available to them from local farmers and other artisans. You know what’s always available? Bones. So get all the way in there and get all that marrow, and pile on some salsa verde and crispy capers while you’re at it because it’s delicious, and you want to!


4) It’s a Pie. On a Bone.


Have you ever been eating your meat pie and thought, “I would like this way better if it had a bone shooting out of it?” The Theodore at North Park has your dining solution. With a flaky crust and tender juicy meat on the bone, their lamb shank meat pie will be the last pie you ever wanna eat.


3) Giving Thanks for Turkey Legs All Year Round

The “Turkey Cobb” Leg for 2 with local greens at Victor Tangos will definitely get your attention. It’s a big ole piece of meat inspired by a salad, and while that’s hilarious, the flavors also stand up to the punchline. Find a friend and have fun tearing it apart.


2) Eat the Whole Fish. Maybe not the Face.

The whole fish at Wayward Sons Dallas is only available as a special and only as the chef composes it nightly. Above, it’s over green garlic and English peas with tzatziki sauce. We’re gonna go ahead and say that the chef can probably plate it any way he wants. He knows what’s up.


1) Ya, That’s a Tasty Frickin’ Pig’s Head

Finally, the queen of the scene, the pig’s head. The shock value on this bad boy is through the roof, and so is the flavor. Pretty much anything you get at the Joule Hotel’s CBD Provisions will be a foodie dream dish. You simply can’t call yourself a Dallas foodie, though, until you’ve made yourself a carnitas taco withโ€”brains!


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