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Photo Credit: David K.
Photo Credit: David K.

By Rachel Miller, NewsCastic

The Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex is one of the most populated metropolitans in the United States. If you grew up in the DFW area, you probably had some of the best memories that people who grew up elsewhere will never quite understand. Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Here are a few things that only DFW natives will understand.

1. You Shopped At Red Bird Mall

If you grew up in DFW, chances are, you probably shopped at what is now called Southwest Center Mall, at least once in your life. Many Dallas natives still refer to the shopping mall as Red Bird Mall. It was once the hottest spot to get all of your latest gear, dine at restaurants and meet up with friends.

2. You Remember Mr. Peppermint

Many kids that grew up in the 70s, 80s and 90s in DFW probably watched “Peppermint Place” starring Mr. Peppermint. Dallas native Jerry Haynes portrayed the role of Mr. Peppermint. Fans would tune in to watch Mr. Peppermint’s daily activities with his sidekick, Muffin.

3. Bronco Bowl


Before all of the famous entertainment venues and franchise owned bowling alleys, Dallas had Bronco Bowl. Bronco Bowl had a lot to offer from bowling, billiards, arcade and a concert hall. It served as the destination for a lot of music fans to see their favorite artists in concert for the first time.

4. Crystal’s Pizza and Spaghetti

Crystal’s Pizza and Spahgetti’s first location opened in Irving. The restaurant was the number one spot for birthday celebrations for kids in the 70s and 80s. Crystal’s Pizza and Spaghetti was locally owned by Bill Waugh, who also founded Taco Bueno and Casa Bonita.

5. You Referred to Bank of America Plaza as the Green Building


Growing up in Dallas, you had no choice but to notice the big green building while driving Downtown. You probably never cared for its proper title, but as a kid you enjoyed the bright green lights of the Bank of America Plaza.

6. The State Fair of Texas is A Must


Whenever the State Fair of Texas rolls around, you make it a priority to visit. You get excited every time your hear Big Tex’s voice say ‘Howdy Y’all’. No matter how many times you may have gone to the State Fair, eating a fresh Fletcher’s Corn Dogs will never get old.

7. You Remember Reunion Arena

Photo: Kelly Delay

Before the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars called the American Airlines Center home, they played at the Reunion Arena. Reunion Arena was also a concert venue for some of the biggest musicians of the 90s.

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