7 Sensational Day Spa Experiences in DFW That You Need To Check Out

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By Kristina Rowe, NewsCastic

For most of us, spa days are a rare treat. When you do get a day to indulge, you want the experience to be unique and memorable. Facials are fabulous, but for this roundup, we wanted more. So we looked into some of the hottest (and coolest) spa treatments available. Each of these great day spas in DFW offers the treatment we listed as well as many, many more. Check out some of them for the latest and greatest in body and soul pampering.

Makes Me Want to Cry

Whole Body Cryotherapy at The Cryo Spa in Fort Worth

If you haven’t heard of cryotherapy, it’s the newest trend in beauty, wellness, and sports therapy circles. It’s based on the idea that cold reduces inflammation and provokes the body’s healing and rejuvenation response. In a cryo tank, you’ll be surrounded by ultra-cooled air (below freezing actually!) for about two to three minutes.

Seriously, now that’s a way to chill.


Drifting, Falling, Floating Weightless


Flotation Therapy at Adrift Float Spa in Dallas

Floating weightless in salt water creates a zero gravity environment for the body. It’s remarkably relaxing and offers several therapeutic benefits, largely due to the use of Epsom salts for floating. The salt leaves your skin super soft too – another nice bonus!


Get Real Loose



Thai Lymphatic Bamboo Massage at The Spa at the Village in Colleyville

Bamboo massage has ancient roots in Chinese, Indonesian, and Japanese cultures. Bamboo sticks enable deeper massage pressure – they’re generally used with Swedish or deep tissue massage. These treatments are great for reducing muscle tension, stimulating blood flow, and increasing lymphatic system performance.


Put the Lime in the Coconut


Citrine Dream Massage at The Woodhouse Day Spa in Plano

For a comforting and very relaxing massage, you may want to try this one, which starts with warm compresses scented with coconut milk. The massage that follows uses a lime and coconut scented body milk. Your skin, as well as your mind and whole body will drink it all up!


Start Me Up


Coffee Scrub at Salon at Eaton Court in Allen

Sugar and salt scrubs are wonderful for exfoliating your skin, but the hottest thing going is a coffee scrub. The aromatic scrub with coffee grounds is followed by a soothing oil massage. Count on this one to wake you up before you go go.


All I Need is the Air That I Breathe

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Ozone Therapy at Body Retreat Day Spa in Bedford

Your body needs oxygen and your skin loves it too. The ozone therapy cabinet at this lovely day spa surrounds you up to your neck and soaks your whole body in oxygen. It feels a lot like a sauna, but more invigorating, and it provides additional therapeutic benefits. (On the spa’s website, find this treatment listed under hydrotherapy, where you’ll find more great options.)


Beautiful Day (and We Mean the Whole Day)


Hydrotherapy and Lots More at Spa Castle in Carrollton

For one admission price, spend a full day enjoying indoor and outdoor hydrotherapy spas as well as multiple saunas and steam rooms. Add to that a traditional style “bath house” and a special sleeping area, and you’ve got a full day of peak pleasure in store. Most of the facilities are open 24/7 so you can enjoy them as long as you like with a day pass. (Specialty spa treatments are optional and at additional cost.)


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