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By Hillary Juster, NewsCastic

If you grew up in Dallas in the 90s, there are certain experiences you definitely went through. Around that era, business was booming in Dallas and lots of entertainment flooded the city. Since then, there have been far fewer places to take a ride on an indoor Ferris wheel, for example, but we can keep and cherish those memories of 90s Dallas forever.


1) Obstacle Course for Kids: Discovery Zone


Discovery Zone was the epitome of fun back in the day. It’s gone now, but every single Dallasite who grew up in the 90’s remembers climbing around in the obstacle course or going down one of their huge slides.


2) Laser Tag, You’re It: QZar


At QZar, they had fog machines and all types of glow-in-the-dark technology, so we knew that we were on the cutting edge of laser science. Whether you’re good or bad at laser tag, you could always enjoy the shock of having your vest light up and buzz unexpectedly or screaming in the dark.


3) We Knew Them Before They Were Corporate: Wet n Wild


If you remember going to Wet n Wild before it became Hurricane Harbor, owned by Six Flags, you definitely grew up in Dallas in the 90’s. It seems like before it was bought up, Wet n Wild wasn’t as expensive or crowded, and they didn’t charge you for every little thing! Or maybe we were just kids.


4) You Remember the Living Version: Valley View Mall


While it may be currently in some kind of twilight zone limbo that’s honestly as intriguing as it is off-putting, Valley View Mall used to be full of real stores. Flagship stores like Foley’s, Hot Topic, the Disney Store, and Sonic in the food court packed this mall with customers. If you can remember getting dropped off with your friends to go on a co-ed group date back in those days, you probably grew up in the 90’s.


5) The Songs Never Get Old: White Rock Skate Center

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This place never changes. #whiterockskate

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White Rock Skate Center is almost like a time capsule from the 70’s. Hardly anything has changed there since it originally opened. If you ever went to a birthday party there, you may remember the money machine that the birthday kid got to go in to grab cash. They still do that!


6) The Original Location: Dave & Busters

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What a fun day #daveandbusters

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One of the most fun places to go for entertainment as a kid was Dave & Buster’s, and back then, the original location on Walnut Hill was still open. They’ve always had strict rules about minding your kids, and now as adults we get it. Back then, we just thought the world was full of injustice!


7) We Knew Them When: Selena Gomez, Jessica Simpson, Barney


One of the best things about growing up in the 90s in Dallas is the ability to say to your obviously jealous relatives, “Barney was shot here!” Selena Gomez comes from Dallas, so you might as well act like you grew up with her, too. Why not do the same with Jessica Simpson? Oh right, Tony Romo.