7 Meals You Definitely Ate Growing up in North Dallas

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By Hillary Juster

If you grew up in North Dallas, there were no end of restaurants to try. Chances are, though, if your family’s dining habits at all resembled mine, you kept gravitating back to a few tried and true spots. I’m guessing that you might have, because otherwise the wait at Mi Cocina wouldn’t have been 45 minutes on a Wednesday night!

Here are my top North Dallas dishes for nostalgia and popularity:

The Salsa at Mi Cocina (11661 Preston Rd.)

Did I mention how long the wait is for a table on a week night? MiCos was our go-to spot for yummy Tex Mex, and though my order has changed over the years, I always eat plenty salsa.

Original House of Pancakes’ Dutch Baby (4343 West Northwest Hwy., Suite 375)

I’m not quite sure how it’s Dutch, or why it’s a baby, but who cares it’s covered in powdered sugar! Squeeze out a lemon or two over top and eat it with your hands. If you never ate it growing up, you must try it.

The Purple Cow Purple Milkshake (Closed)

Apparently the Purple Cow at Preston Royal Dallas has been let out to pasture. I always got the chocolate milkshake, since the purple one intimidated me. Now I’ll never have the chance to try it. I loved that train that went around the dining area.

Gazeebo Burger’s Burger (5950-C Royal Lane)

I could never really understand this one. Gazeebo’s is always packed here for a fix-it-yourself burger. Maybe it’s the veggie, turkey, and chicken options and the family friendly vibes? It’s good food, for sure.

Wild About Harry’s Custard (Closed)

Sadly, the Preston Forest location no longer exists, but the sprinkles and cones live on in our memories. When I think about eating hot dogs and ice cream together as an adult, my stomach is not board.

Lo Mein at Royal China (6025 Royal Lane #201)

When my parents had date night, only one restaurant would do for delivery. Royal China! Now they have not only added fresh noodles and dumplings but also revamped the whole menu. I could probably go here for my own date night…

Marco’s Pizza (10720 Preston, Suite 1014)

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Marco’s Pizza apparently had to change names to “My Family’s Pizza” because someone else filed trademark on Marco’s Pizza. Well, no matter what it’s called, it will still be delicious every time.

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