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Marmota monax is quite the little character — and he’s a lot more than just the inspiration for a Bill Murray classic movie title.

Closeup of groundhog with food Credit: Thinkstock

Groundhogs sit up and eat nuts just like squirrels do, but they don’t bury them for later.

Give me five shows Groundhog Credit: Thinkstock

Groundhogs are also called woodchucks (that old tongue twister just ran through your mind, didn’t it?) or whistlepigs.

Woodchuck in a field of flowers (Marmota monax) Credit: Thinkstock

Groundhogs do not drink water. They stay hydrated by eating food plants wet from rain or dew.

Marmots Mount Rainier National Park Washington, USA Credit: Thinkstock

Groundhogs prefer hiding in burrows, but are accomplished swimmers and tree climbers when necessary.

Marmot in early spring Credit: Thinkstock

Groundhogs live in underground burrows, but often build a separate winter burrow for hibernation. Fancy bougie dogs.

Olympic Marmots Credit: Thinkstock

Groundhogs uncovered an archaeological site in Ohio, bringing up bones from Native American people and animals, along with pottery and pieces of stone.

Sorry, I have to. I love this movie.