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6 Rowdy Texan Adventures For Every DFW Adrenaline Junkie

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Tasja Brewis

By Hillary Juster, NewsCastic

So often the people who live in DFW want to deny to outsiders that they’re Texan at all. We spend so much time convincing our out-of-town relatives we don’t ride a horse to work, that we can forget to take the time to realize just how fun horseback riding can be!

We’ve picked out 6 of the most typically Texan activities you can imagine that we know you’ll love to try. Plus, we’ve found the perfect spots to give them a go right here in DFW.


Blast Those Clay Pigeons in the Face

It’s a bit like playing twister while aiming and getting punched in the shoulder. Aka lots of fun! At Elm Fork Shooting Sports Club, they offer clay pigeon shooting, rifle targets, and hand gun practice.

On the clay pigeon side of their forked dirt road, they have experienced instructors who can even help out a city gal who’s never fired a weapon before in her life (see above). When you first hit that flying orange disc, it bursts into a spray of satisfying pieces!

Take an Adult Trail Ride in North Texas Nature

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Beginner camp 2013

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In Texas, there’s a certain stereotype about us riding horses. You may have had to deflect that question once or twice. Please don’t let it stop you from checking out North Dallas Equestrian. Riding horses is relaxing, and horses themselves connect with humans in a cool way. They offer western style trail rides and lessons up in McKinney.

It can be our secret!

Go Wild Eating Bugs With Meat Maniac


There’s something about eating bugs that reminds us of growing up outdoors in Texas. Get your buggy fix here in DFW at ‘s Plano store or through his online shop. We recommend the Zebra Tarantula legs or the salted Shield Bugs. If you like CW33’s Facebook page, you’ll be the first to know when our taste-test story with local foodie @MsDallasMaven hits web with a splat!

Fish and Ditch, Snatch and Dash

If you’ve never been fishing before, it can seem intimidating. Don’t worry, we’ve laid it all out for you, as well as 5 places INSIDE DFW you can totally fish. You don’t have to keep the fish and eat it. Actually, you probably shouldn’t. Fishing is more about a relaxing day at the water, punctuated by one or two exciting moments. You can even rent your gear if you don’t want buy!

Stop and Smell the Native Roses

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There are some great outdoor spots in Dallas Fort Worth, but none reach the levels of Texas nature quite so much as the Heard Museum in McKinney. They specialize there in preserving native Texas species of plants, which draws in native animals and pollinators. If you take one of their educational hikes (or even a night hike), you’ll never look at a bush the same way again!

Save a Horse, Visit the Rodeo!

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This ain't my first rodeo 😉

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While the Fort Worth Stockyards Rodeo might seem mysterious from the outside looking in, it’s actually quite handsome, sorry, fun! Not that we’re so thirsty here or anything, but they do sell beer at this year-round weekend event. Who knows? You may just meet a rugged stetson-ed stranger, blowing through town.

He won’t tell, and we sure won’t!

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