6 Ridiculously Luxurious Porcelain Thrones in Dallas

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By Hillary Juster, NewsCastic

Everybody does it, but nobody talks about it. Our favorite line from Cruel Intention also applies to the subject of our story here, what we do in the bathroom. Except, in this case, you’ll wanna take all your friends on a bathroom tour of Dallas to check out these cool commodes! Treat your tush to a luxurious experience at these Instagrammable facilities, where we do our otherwise unmentionable business.


1) Everything Including the Kitchen Sink at McKinney’s Patina Green



Yes, Patina Green Home and Market in McKinney serves up local and seasonal farm-to-table deliciousness, but that’s not why we’re here. The store also purveys antiques and other eye-catching home decor. Love the rustic cotton bathroom towels? Go ahead and purchase them, well clean ones from the shop, that is.


2) The Gorgeous Bathroom Retreat at Rise No. 1



Unfortunately for this article, our next standout is named Rise No. 1. Everything at this French souffle restaurant can be purchased, from the napkins to the fun bread cutting devices at the table. The bathroom here has an elevated French Chateau feel, with dark hardwoods and cream pillows. Ooh, lala!


3) Those Mesmerizing Madrina Tiles, Though



If you’ve ever been to Madrina, a French and Mexican fusion restaurant, you may have noticed that the tiles play a large part in their overall design. From the menu to the bar floor, the Escher-like tiles create an illusion of depth. Wander into their bathroom, though, and you’ll find another kind of tile altogether. Each of the three private unisex rooms has its own Mexican-style ceramic tile pattern. Guess you’ll just have to go back three times!


4) Mirror Mirror at the Rustic


The Rustic has bold phrases written on the exterior of the building. If you’ve caught on to those, you may not be surprised to find a hidden message inside the ladies’ room. It may be in their own benefit to say, but we happen to agree that tequila makes everyone a lot more attractive. We are very curious to find out the wisdom of the men’s room!


5) The Best Selfie Mirror in Dallas at the Joule



It’s not often you find a floor-to-ceiling mirror in a bathroom. When you do, you know what to do. Head to the luxury Downtown Dallas hotel, The Joule, and take a selfie! If the black tiles covering the floors and ceilings don’t impress you, and the huge mirror doesn’t impress you, then maybe the fact that it’s available on the lobby floor will. Just walk right in, act like you belong, and don’t make eye contact!


6) The Full Service Bathroom at Tei-An


At Tei-An they have earned a reputation for exquisite attention to detail, from impressive decor to jaw-dropping plating, to harmonious and unexpected flavors. The final touch of excellence would be, curiously, in the bathroom, with their Japanese toilets that have multiple push-button settings on them. Who has had the courage to sit and utilize the full offerings of this most deluxe porcelain throne? Only the bravest.

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