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5 Rice Krispie Treats in DFW That’ll Bring Back Childhood Memories

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By Rachel Miller, NewsCastic

Ah, Rice Krispie Treats.

For many of us, these snacks have played a huge role in our lives since we were kids. Overtime, Rice Krispie Treats have grown to be something more than just an ordinary marshmallow and cereal concoction. Rice Krispie Treats are now dipped in chocolate, topped with fruit and have even turned into ice cream sandwiches.

Here are just a few Rice Krispie Treats available in DFW that certainly put a twist on a classic childhood treat.

Carnival Barker’s Ice Cream

At Carnival Barker’s Ice Cream, you can get your hands on their famous Rice Krispy Treat ice cream sandwich. The ice cream sandwich is made up of your choice of Rice Krispy Treat (whether its original, bacon or chocolate) and of course, Carnival Barker’s homemade ice cream.

Spiral Diner & Bakery

If you’re looking for Gluten Free and Vegan alternative Rice Krispie Treat, Spiral Diner & Bakery is the place to be! Spiral Diner & Bakery will recreate the Rice Krispy Treat with a healthy twist.

Kupcakin’ It

The Rice Krispy Treats at Kupcakin’ It are made specifically to your liking whether the treats are for parties or for your personal enjoyment. You can get them dipped and covered in chocolate, or coated with your favorite nuts. Kupcakin’ It will even shape the treats into famous characters such as Mickey/Minnie mouse ears.

The Marshinator

Their name says it all. The Marshinator specializes in creating some of the best Rice Krispie treats around DFW. Located in Grapevine Mills Mall, The Marshinator promises to take your favorite childhood treat to the extreme.

From Strawberry Shortcake to Cookies and Cream and even S’mores, there’s something special on the menu for every Rice Krispie treat lover.

Fruitealicious Bubble Tea & Smoothies

While Fruitealicious Bubble Tea & Smoothies may be famously known for their variety of drinks, they also make some pretty remarkable Rice Krispy Treats as well. Here you can try their rendition of Rice Krispy Treats such as Fruity Pebbles, Oreo’s and Rocky Road.

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