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Alan Bishop

By Hillary Juster, NewsCastic

Whether you’re a seasoned sea bass pro or just a curious catfish collector, the Dallas Fort Worth area holds ample opportunity for you to take your fishing game to the next level. As long as you know the basic rules of law, which follow, you’re good to go in any state park. The rules are pretty simple actually.

1) You need a license to fish from a boat.

2) You don’t need a license to fish from the shore.

3) Probably don’t eat the fish.


1) All About That Bass in the City: White Rock Lake

David Leo Veksler


When approaching White Rock Lake for fishing, try taking the appropriately named Fisher Rd. You’ll need to bring your own gear, but they’ll provide ample parking, picnic areas, and courtesy docks. The lake gets stocked here with large-mouth bass, and public restrooms are available for use.

2) Lots of Fish in a Big Pond: Lake Ray Hubbard


Lake Ray Hubbard technically covers parts of Dallas, Collin, Kauffman, and Rockwall counties. Fishers can regularly catch at least 5 species of fish in this one lake alone, with the hybrid striped bass and catfish most common. If you’re angling to just fish from the bank, try Paul Jones Park in Garland. They have a dock, lots of parking, and Bass Pro Shop across the street.


3) Fishing and Glamping: Lewisville Lake


Lewisville Lake Park claims about 10 different kinds of fish that you can catch there. They offer courtesy docks, campgrounds, a baseball field, football, docks, the whole nine yards! Perhaps that’s how they justify a $10 entry fee for non-residents. Just think of it as your glamping staycation!


4) Manicured Park for Luxury Fishing: Lake Grapevine


On the south side of Lake Grapevine, Oakgrove welcomes fishers, as well as bikers and joggers. This manicured park stands out as one of the most popular choices on Lake Grapevine. It offers picnic areas, a restaurant, field reservation, and courtesy docks to the fishers. Bass will be your most likely catch here, but several varieties abound.


5) Sunset View Fishing: Lake Arlington


At Bowman Park on Lake Arlington, you can fish while watching one heck of a beautiful sunset. This park will appeal to kids, with playgrounds and a basketball court onsite. Cast from one of their fishing piers or try throwing in from the long rail they have set up along the edge of the lake.