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By Hillary Juster, NewsCastic


Certain tales about Dallas have been told so many times that we all just began to accept them as true. But are they? Did we really kill Kennedy? Do we really have no accent in Dallas? We put 5 of the most told Dallas myths to the test and see which ones come out the other side.


5) Myth: Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Photo: Bradley Gordon


They say everything is bigger in Texas, but what about Dallas. Do we have a penchant for 72 oz steaks? Not so much it seems.


Fact: Dallas’s Palates Prefer Small, Refined Plates

Take Uchi Dallas, for instance. When you eat there, you will want to fill your mouth with a delight of lyrical flavors, not stuff your face until you’re sick. The small plates sparkle with color and texture as well. Check out the happy hour for some sweet deals from 5:00-6:30 p.m.


4) Myth: We All Wear Cowboy Boots

Valerie Hinojosa


It is a common misconception that Dallasites are folksy ranch hands. Just because we live in the Lone Star State, doesn’t mean we’re dressing to ride off into the sunset.


Fact: We Basically Invented Fashion

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Dallas is the birthplace of Neiman Marcus, the department store of the most high-end designer labels. You’re much more likely to find a Dallas gal in a pair of Manolos than a pair of cowboy boots unless of course Neimans is having a sale on them!


3) Myth: We Don’t Have an Accent

Caroline de Francqueville


While we like to think of ourselves as refined city-dwellers, above the rural embarrassment of a country twang, are we really? It turns out that even the urbanest Dallas native still has some dead give-away verbal tics.


Fact: We Rilly Do Talk a Lil Diffren, Y’all

Moyan Brenn

When you’re from here, you definitely at least say, “Y’all.” Chances are, though, you probably drop out certain consonants and pronounce vowels like windy and Wendy the same! For more laughs about talking Dallas, we have a more in-depth list here.


2) Myth: We’re a Blue City in a Red State

Liz West


It has become accepted as fact that Texas will always vote red in elections. But is that fact so solid as some would have us believe? After all, we do have an LBJ Highway in Dallas, and he was a major Democrat. It wasn’t so long ago that Ann Richards was Governor.


Fact: Texas Might be a Purple State, if not for Gerrymandering



When Wendy Davis was running for Governor, there was talk a-flutter about the possibility of Texas turning purple. In reality, it will be hard to get Texans out to vote until the gerrymandered districts get set right again. Who can get motivated to vote, blue or red, when you know your vote is being intentionally diluted.


1) Myth: We Killed Kennedy

Ray Dumas


I know for even mentioning this I’m going to the top of someone’s suspect list, but I promise I have an airtight alibi. I wasn’t born yet! Dallas should not take the blame for this terrible moment in American history, and there are a few reasons why.


Fact: Lee Harvey Oswald Only Moved to Dallas in 1961

Image via The Warren Commision Archives

Lee Harvey Oswald, who on the surface, at least, appears to be Kennedy’s assassin, only moved to Dallas in 1961. He was born in New Orleans! And even if it were some kind of CIA conspiracy, why blame Dallas? We’re just the setting.

Take heart, Dallasites. More classified documents shall be released in 2017 according to Politico. Vindication will come some day!