1920s Fashion: How to Achieve A Jaw-Dropping Golden Age Look in DFW

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By Azure Arther, NewsCastic

The Golden Age. The Roaring Twenties. The Prohibition Era. These names all describe the period of the 1920s into the early 30s.

There are so many hairstyle and fads based on or romanticized from this time period, but where do you go to purchase these fashions or have your hair and makeup done? What are the products you need to do it yourself? Do we sell anything to make this look a reality?

DFW has no shortage of vintage shops and boutiques to style you from head to toe, so let’s look at a few places to make your glamorous twenties look pop.

Historical Expertise

You can’t have a complete vintage look without the hair and makeup, and thankfully, DFW has its very own makeup artist and stylist who specializes in period-theme art. Vivienne Vermuth not only runs her own burlesque company where she does an extensive gambit of makeup, but also works with celebrities, throws boudoir parties and does group makeovers.

While Vivienne has a focus on historical appearance, and deliciously comprehensive knowledge of Erte-inspired styles, her main appeal is her versatility in complexion, race, skin tones, and gender. She shared that there multiple ways to create an authentic Golden Age look, but the main thing to remember is that this time period featured a strong brow, good cheek rouge, and red, red lips.


Three’s Company


As we’ve said, hair is important for your Roaring Twenties look, and who doesn’t love a spoiled day with an expert beautician? If you’re more into going to an actual location, Lure Salon in the West Village has not one but three stylists who can complete your vintage appearance by making sure your hair is as classic as your style. These hair veterans are able to create a look for both guys and dolls so you and your mate will be a matching pair.


The Real Deal

After your hair and makeup is done, you have to get dressed, and no one in the DFW area has more Prohibition Era clothing than Dolly Python Vintage. With two dedicated racks of gowns and clothing and a plethora of accessories, Dolly is sure to provide the look and style that you are going for.

The best part about this vintage shop is that they are constantly adding, purchasing, and receiving new pieces every day. Interested? Ask for Skye.


Gems of the Era

Vintage Martini is another of the rare jewels of era-specific fashion. Although slightly pricey, this store has all of the elegance that any 1920s on up shopper may need for an event. From gowns to furs, hats to earrings, VM is at the cutting edge of the industry. The best part is that they sell period-inspired contemporary designs as well as true vintage and antique clothing.


Costume, Costume

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Although it would be best to have a period specific piece, Dallas Vintage Shop has over 20 years of experience catering to the costume-wearing crowd. This is not a costume in a bag store, but a true costume shop full of clothing, styles and versatility. Because they are not consignment or resale, their sizing is much more accessible than some of the other shops mentioned. Having an issue finding the right fit? Try DVS, particularly if you are seeking couple attire.

Now you’re ready to go. You know this decades fashion inside and out. Just remember, kick your heels up darlin’ — the night is all about YOU!

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