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By Jasmine Ellis, NewsCastic

We do everything bigger and better in Texas, and that includes Halloween.

If you’ve ever strolled through FrightFest or visited Deep Ellum on Old Hallows Eve, you’ve seen some pretty awesome costumes referencing movies and politics, and everything in between. Our favorites are always the customer who reference Texas and take it up a notch — the weirder and more “Texas,” the better.

Here are 12 Texan-fied Halloween costumes to get you ready for the big day:


1. Willie Nelson

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Have a Willie nice Halloween, y'all. #texashalloween

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One of the greatest artist who ever lived also happens to be a super duper Texan! Make your Halloween lit — Willie Nelson style. Use a bandana, some simple braids and denim to capture the iconically Texas look.


2. Dr Pepper

If your pet is a total Texan, then they’ll look adorable as carton of Dr Pepper! All you need is an empty Dr Pepper box, cut holes and viola. Total transformation. DP is a fan favorite because it all started in Dublin, Texas.


3. Leatherface

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Texas is home to some amazing true stories and tall tales; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a little bit of both. This terrifying yet cute costume screams Texas and will make all-ages scream. Leatherface would be proud.


4. Burning Big Tex

If you don’t remember burning Big Tex, you don’t know Texas! To pull off this costume, all you need is a callous sense of humor and blow torch.


5. Beyonce

Not every Bey fan is a Texan, but every Bey Fan is a Texas fan. This IGer got it right by choosing Queen Bey’s 2013 Flawless video look —  a song that’s as pro-lone star state as it can be with lyrics like “I’m Texas forever like Bun B.”


6. Beyonce 2.0

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iconic. this is my halloween costume

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The 2016 updated Beyonce has her swinging bats in the Hold Up video — perfect for any party this Halloween.


7. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Every little Texas girl wanted to be one growing up. Even if you never cared for football, you probably have a soft spot for white cowboy boots to this day. White after Labor Day? Do it.


8. Selena

We’ll do anything for Selena! The starlet was gone too soon and real Texans know it! Do a little research and combine your favorite 90s trends with her signature raven locks and red lipstick, and you have an easy and gorgeous costume.


9. King of the Hill

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This costume is a winner because even the laziest of guys can pull this off. If you like holding a beer and love King of the Hill (Like any good Texan should), then this ones for you.


10. Slurpee

Fun Fact: 7-11 stores started in Dallas, Texas, which means the rest of the world can thank us for not only a cool place to get gas but the best frozen drink known to man — the Slurpee.


11. Walker, Texas Ranger

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What better way to pay tribute to Chuck Norris then by becoming one of his most notable characters? Complete the look with ray bans, a suede jacket, cowboy hat and badge. Oh, and it’s probably best to leave the gun at home. Everyone will know who you are regardless.


12. Blue Bell Ice Cream

There are few things Texans love more than Blue Bell ice cream, but we can’t really think of them at the moment. Construct your gallon of ice cream attire with poster board. Wear this and you’ll be a party favorite!

Bonus tip: If you have a dark sense of humor, try adding caution tape to the outfit to give it a 2016 twist!


What are you wearing this Halloween? We want to see your photos! Tag #cw33 for a chance to be featured in one our upcoming horror stories!