11 Texas Politicians Who Could (and Should) Walk The Runway

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By Azure Arther, NewsCastic

As election day quickly approaches, we’re all turning our eyes to the ballots. Who do we vote for? Is their platform something I agree with? Should I vote Republican or Democrat? And more and more and more…at times, it’s overwhelming.

So for the sake of stress release (and appreciation for beauty), let’s forget about voting and just take these candidates for face value. We’ve come up with 11 pretty politicians who not only look good, but make Texas look good, too. Let’s hit the runway!


1 & 2. Twin Hotness

OK, so this is a 2-for-1 special. Secretary Julian Castro and his equally hot twin brother, Congressman Joaquin Castro, are two deliciously formed men who come with seriously deadly good looks. While these two men are out working for Texans in government positions, they could have been modeling suits on the cover of GQ. That said, let’s give public service a big shot out: you stole two models.


3. Mayoral Beauty

She may be the mayor of Irving, but Beth Van Duyne is also extremely attractive, so much so that she could easily grace the cover of Glamour, Vogue and just about any fashion magazines. Although already tall, Van Duyne isn’t afraid of a pair of heels that show off the sleek physique of her long legs, which is to be expected. What runway model is scared of a stiletto?


4. Runway Runaway

Stefanie Carter is one stunning Republican representative. From her smile to her definite fashion flair, her versatility in hair styles to the way she uses her hands to talk, Stefanie is definitely one magazine cover model turned politician. Lucky for us she has the policies to go with her transformation.


5. The Best Bet

Texas Congressman, Beto O’Rourke, is not a traditionally handsome man, but an attractive one nonetheless. He has a wide, welcoming smile, warm, entrancing eyes and delicious height. He is, unfortunately, extremely taken, but that doesn’t stop us from appreciating his…politics…yeah, that.


6. The Love(ly) Senator

Mom, democratic senator, health champion, and perhaps, model? Wendy Davis definitely belongs on the cover of something, perhaps not Maxim, but some periodical where her gorgeous smile and luscious, golden locks can shine as brightly as she does in the media.


7. Simplicity Commissioner

One classy lady with dark eyes and elegance in choice of accessories and makeup is Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick. When she’s not handling the ups and downs of transportation, she could be modeling clothing for a catalog. Instead, she’s out there working for the people, like all the beautiful people should be.


8. Congressional Gentleman

Marc Veasey is a solid bulk of sexy. This tall glass of water is not only appetizing in appearance but enchanting in his congressional views.


9. The Model Judge

What can be said about Eva Guzman, aside from sizzling hot? This diva is the epitome of beauty and brains in one perfect package. As a wife, mother, and supreme court judge, it’s surprising that Guzman has the time to accentuate her flawless appearance with makeup and accessories, but “judging” by the often unannounced photos of this justice, she takes the time to be Vogue ready every day.


10. Latin Perfection

Democratic State Board of Education member, Marisa B. Perez is nothing short of gorgeous. Her classic profile, lush hair and lips and her often understated makeup add to the beauty of her platform. While her politics are interesting, the eye candy she provides when she’s speaking is a definite plus.


11. Tall Dark Stranger

Republican state representative, Matt Rinaldi has the rugged good looks that are often seen in Hollywood. With a bright smile, dark eyes framed by an envious set of lashes, and a charismatic air, it’s easy to see how this attractive man could grace the pages of GQ.

Did we miss your favorite political hottie? Comment below and tell us who your political crush is and we might feature your suggestion in an upcoming story.


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