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By Silke Jasso, NewsCastic

It’s no secret that Dallas is one of the longest running Texas cities. It is full of historical places, restaurants, cemeteries and path stones that have made us the State we are today! Here are some of our favorite, oldest, and most historic places around DFW! There is everything from restaurants, old buildings, and of course, spooky cemeteries! Take a look at them below and plan your visit!


1. Davis Building


Built in 1926, The Davis Building is not a Dallas Landmark, listed on the National Register of Historic places! It began as the Republic National Bank, then switched to the apartment lofts, owned by Hamilton Properties. Now the building offers many luxuries located in Downtown Dallas. Every loft in the building shows off the Dallas skyline and fantastic view of the city, making Dallas even more special.


2. Oakland Cemetery


If you are a fan of ghost hunting, and craving fright, this is the place for you! People have reported seeing ghosts and lights all around, making it a chilling experience. Oakland was opened in 1891 and is still serving its purpose to this day. It’s filled with various decrepit headstones, statues, vines, and only for the brave souls!


3. Dallas Fire Station No. 16

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Dallas Fire Station No.16 in 1969.

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Yes, we went there. We actually included a Fire station in the list. Station No. 16 is one of the oldest stations that have kept Dallas safe. It was built in 1961, opened to West Dallas, with a total of 4,775 feet. Unfortunately for some, the Station has actually been closed, and is now been remodeled as a church, but that doesn’t stop the history from been remembered.


4. Majestic Theater


Located on Elm Street, The Majestic Theater is home to one of the best performing arts, comedy, and Broadway events in the city. In the heart of Dallas, the theater was opened in 1921 and holds up to 1704 people in the audience to this day. It’s safe to say that the Theater is home to many thespians, dancers, and performers around the world, finding comfort in our very own city.


5. Jimmy’s Food Store


Yes, Jimmy’s is an actual grocery store opened in 1966 and is still up and running. They have every Italian item you can imagine! From Prosciutto, mozzarella, peppers, every ingredient is done with love by the local owners. Stop by and order some items to cook for yourself at home, or order and actual sandwich and eat it there. There is also wine for every occasion, both red and white, that you can buy during your visit for later!


6. Dallas Hall


Dallas Hall, built in 1912 (finished in 1915) is actually part of the southern Methodist University campus. It is now the home to many classrooms, offices, food grills, and even a chapel. It was actually dubbed as the first building on campus, and the biggest in size at the time, nicknamed “The Hilltop”. In 2012, it celebrated its 100th anniversary with a dinner for donors and administrators of the university. Go SMU Pride!


7. Texas Trail of Fame


Located in Fort Worth, The Texas Trail of Fame was made in 1997 to honor people who have made a contribution to the Western days in Texas. It is located all around the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District and is known as a place of great honor, where people can visit the stars on the ground. I guess you can say it’s our Texas “Star of Fame” pathway!


8. Highland Park Soda Fountain


In 2012, Highland Park Soda Fountain celebrated their 100th anniversary! 100! Can you believe that? This popular historical shop is now home to traditional old school treats. They have everything from milkshakes, malts, sandwiches, and traditional snacks. Highland is known for their traditional feel, with stools that line the counter, and booths that make you feel from the 60’s.

The only rule in the shop is to buy a milkshake every time you go!


9. Fort Worth Botanic Garden

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Waterfall in the Japanese Garden

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The Botanic Gardens are one of the best historical places to start your journey in Fort Worth. Best part about it? It’s free! It was established in 1934 and has over 2,501 exotic plans, and species, as well as specialty gardens. They have everything from Rose Gardens, Japanese Garden, Fragrance Gardens, Vegetable Gardens, and more! Give it a visit and smell the fresh air Fort Wroth has to offer!


10. Texas Theatre


Fun Fact: The Texas Theater was actually the theater that Lee Harvey Oswald was captured in during his attempted escape from President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

It is now a classical theater known for showing horror films, special night events, and the classic oldies. It first opened in 1934 and became a Friday night escape to many of that time. Now, still popular as ever, the theater gives off a 30’s flow to many and sometimes feels as if you’re traveled back in time!


11. Norma’s Cafe

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Do you like anything home cooked? Do you like comfort food? This is the place for you! Norma’s Cafe is known for all its delicious flavors, dating all the way back to 1956. They offer an award winning menu, to High Creampies, to food that makes you want to come back for more! Stop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, your taste buds will thank you at every chew!

This month they are celebrating National Grilled Cheese Day! Stop by on April 12 and get a free grilled cheese to celebrate!